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Loss of aircraft after GPS issue

Sep 16, 2022
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I live in Scotland in the UK. I bought a used typhoon H that I was promised before purchasing was in good working order. Unfortunately I couldn't go to view it as it was 300 miles away from me. To cut a long story short it wasn't working when it arrived and the guy that sold me it was posted missing. I got in touch with yuneec UK and found the drone had a GPS fault he gave me a few things to try and I did manage to get it starting but it done a fly away on its own and the drone is now lost. So i am now possibly looking for a replacement Typhoon H and CGO3+.
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This sounds like a unit that was likely in storage for some time before being sold. GPS issues can arise from this and more information from you can help determine what was actually the issue.

Before that, you can find Typhoon H’s for sale quite readily. @Yuneec Skins has a Facebook group for selling used Yuneec equipment by private individuals. Many of them in the UK and EU. Hopefully he will post the name of that group as I don’t recall it offhand.

Back to the GPS issue. Would you please elucidate what was happening with the aircraft when you got it.
1) less than 10 satellites and acquiring
2) more than 10 satellites and acquiring
3) never picked up satellites

What steps did Yuneec UK have you take that allowed you to start the motors and get airborne?

We’re you only able to start the motors with GPS disabled?
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