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Mar 18, 2016
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london UK
Visited the Yuneec HQ in North London. On delivery the person I spoke to said "they were anxiously awaiting delivery" the email I received giving mid April therefore would seem to apply. I asked about using the Wizard wand with the Typhoon H and they confirmed it would work. You can have the ST16 controller switched on at the same time but once the Wand is paired with the Typhoon all movement of the H would be by the Wand. There is a very comprehensive but compact printed card in the Wizard Wand box . All you need to know is on it. The wand only needs to bind with the Typhoon H once, after that it connects immediately. The controller controls the gimbal up and down and round and round and switches the camera on and off. The received picture on the inbuilt screen was "real time with the camera on the Typhoon" I was assured. If you stretched the distance away more and more and with possible tree branch interference this may degrade the picture reception. It was also confirmed ( a special interest by me) that there was a microphone on the Typhoon H. Very friendly person and I purchased the Wand in minutes.
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Today I got an email form Yuneec UK. There was a very nice apologetic message saying the new H would be delayed until early May. In it they offered a refund if not satisfied a number to ring for more information with a person's name. Plus they are adding one of the New Wizard Wands which has all the settings for the Intel anti collision add on plus the other new features which will be available. I am quite happy to wait until May when the really good weather begins here in the UK.

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