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Messages popping up on controller

Mar 9, 2017
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Burlington VT
Ever since my crashed discussed in a previous thread I am getting 3 messages on my controller that have me confused. I have posted a picture of 2 of them that showed up at the same time but they also pop up individually. The message regarding QgroundControl - my only contact with this program is that I have the program loaded onto my desktop so I can download the Ulogs directly from the 520. I have been doing that for some time but not until the crash has the message showed up. In the aftermath of the accident I erased all the software, or so I thought, and reloaded it. The Qgroundcontrol has to be hiding somewhere. It tells me to upgrade my firmware but I am using the latest Data PIlot version.. Do I just hit the X and forget about it or could I get into trouble. I did the former yesterday on my short test flight. If it is the latter I guess I got lucky for once yesterday.

The other 2 messages are similar. You can see the one in the photograph. The other is along the same vein but the Error is to low. I have no idea how to resolve the failure. Yesterday when I flew it never showed up. This 2 messages showed up today when I wanted to test the 520 camera. Needless to say, the 520 stayed on teh ground.

Any help with this would also be appreciated.


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Mar 23, 2016
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Bavaria / Germany
Updating H520 with QGC may end up with a bricked drone (and did in the past). Never use QGC to change something to the H520. View something or download logs are OK. QGC is very good for that purposes.

The yellow message can be ignored. H520 has a customized firmware compared to "normal" PX4 autopilot. QGC misinterprets that.

The white message means simply you cannot arm the drone as long as GPS fix is missing. Normal behavior, nothing to do but wait until GPS is ready.

br HE

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