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Need Help finding a charger

May 10, 2016
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Melvin Michigan, In the thumb
I went to what use to be the local hobby store today only to find they went out of business.

Since I can not touch and feel it, ask all kinds of silly questions before I buy it. What and where do you suggest I look at?
I DO intend to modify the Yuneec charge base to use with it. I am very good with a soldering iron. I like the drop in ability.
what I want is:
1) Can balance charge.
2) Can charge/discharge to storage level.
3) Will shut off so if I am not right there to grab it the minute it beeps like the Yuneec charger.
4) Has a charge rate faster than the Yuneec charger.
5) Voltage read out of each cell before and after charging.
6) Would have all the extra connectors I would need to hook it up to the Yuneec base.
7) Charge the wizard battery.

I have seen some of the set ups some of you have and they look rather expensive. I don't mind spending the money but don't want to break the bank either. So it is either buy a better charger, or buy another battery or two.
Give Frank a call at Carolina Dronz. He is supposed to be working on an adapter that will work with different chargers and the new funky connectors on the H batteries.
That is a bit more than I need.
The Yuneec charger is fine, but it won't charge/discharge to storage voltage.
And it is a bit slow.
Thanks for the info.
Now that I have educated myself on chargers and WATTS vs AMPs ect....
How do you go about getting the balance connectors?
The ones I am looking at come with a multi connector balance board, but I need a 5 wire connector to plug into one of those. I am not sure what to ask for, I am guessing they are battery specific which does not matter because I am soldering one end into the Yuneec charging base. I would actually prefer one to plug directly into the charger but had more that the 6-8" most of them come with.
search for 4s balance leads on Ebay. Most are 150mm or so; can get 5 or <$10 incl shipping. Use one for the Yuneec charger mod, then connect another from that direct to the charger if the extra length is needed as shown.

BTW, not trying to push iCharger as there are other of similar size, but my 206B fits in the backpack. In the field I use the car battery if needed; am committed to only one case to carry with me for this copter. So far virtually everything fits in the backpack.

What charger/psu are you considering? Personally I would buy them separately whatever the choice.
Being that I already have a 12volt 45 AMP power supply that I could use, I would rather have an AC/DC charger.
I am looking at the Hitec X2 or the SKYRC D100. I like the idea to be able to plug in my laptop and get all the info.
I like your setup and that is what I want to end up with.
For just a quick two battery fast charger for the Yuneec Q500, Q500+ and Q500 4k that has built in digital gauges and you can pull the battery out when it reaches it's storage mode charge and/or full charge go to this one:
Look for the EV-Peak D1 charger that holds two Yuneec style

batteries for the Q500, 500+, 500 4K models that has a fixed 6A

charge rate and digital gauges. One cool thing about EV-Peak D1 is is also has USB charge port so you can charge ST10+ remote control at the same time (or any USB phone/device) as the batteries.

2. 20160506_161634.jpg EV Peak Chg empty.jpg EV Peak Display.jpg EV_Peak Charer 1.jpg Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo Dual LiPo and NiMH Battery Charger.jpg Or the Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo Dual AC LiPo NiMH Battery Charger
w/EC3 & Balance w/adjustable charge rates, two balance boards (many connectors on balance boards so you can charge 1c up to 6c) and

EC3 connectors to plug right into YUneec battery balance and charge (EC3/blue lead) . on eBay: Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo Dual AC LiPo NiMH Battery Charger w EC3 | eBay

3. Or check out several types on Carolinadronz.com as they have many


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