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No SD card detected

Sep 30, 2018
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I saw a thread a long time ago about drone camera saying no SD card detected. Didn't find any search results for problem. Card works on everything else but the drone. Any tricks. Formatted a few times. even copied files off working card no luck. Typhoon H plus.
What's the card? I think new firmware update enables use of A2 card types, have you updated?
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Please take a picture and share it here, then we could have a check.
Will try update or just get another card that works. Just this one was on sale. I have been out with only one card and was full. 16 GB 20190305_083049.jpeg
I just got my typhoon h plus and got the sandisk 128gb 4k micro sd card and updated the firmware and its still saying no sd card detected. Can anyone give me advice on how to address this? I bought it second hand but it has never been used. Not even once I believe. I see no reason it should be a hardware issue.
How were you able to do a firmware update if the SD card is not being detected when installed in the C23 camera?

If you are installing the SD card in the ST16S it will only accept SD cards 32GB or less formatted as FAT32.

The C23 will accept 64GB or 128GB cards formatted in exFAT or lesser cards formatted in FAT32.

Are the aircraft and camera actually bound to the ST16S controller? If they are you will get telemetry for the aircraft and video from the camera.

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