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No video feed on Android phone

Apr 25, 2023
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This is a document that is still a work in progress, but contains the information to remove and replace most components of the Mantis Q. I will add more information as it gets developed. Since this is the bulk of the information I decided to publish it.

18 Mar 2023 - v1.1 added motor arm and propeller replacement
19 Mar 2023 - v1.2 added camera servo replacement
Hi, I just bought a Mantis Q. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get a live video feed. I installed Yuneec Pilot onto my Google Pixel 3a running Android version 12. Everything works except for the live video. I can take photos and videos but I can’t see what I’m taking. I read here that version 11 works. Is there a way to go back to Android version 11? I’m only using the phone for flying this drone. I await your reply. Thanks in advance.
It sounds more like there is an actual problem with the video. Do you see the camera WIFI showing up in the phones WIFI settings menu?
If not, do you have another phone you can use to see if the video shows up on that one?
What is the history of the Mantis Q?
Android is fussy when it comes to displaying the video feed. This issue first appeared with Android v9 and seems to be more hardware dependent than OS dependent.

Some Android based phones and tablets have settings for the port that allow you to change it to data only when not charging. Others have had success by using an OTG data cable instead of a normal USB-A to USB-C cable.

That brings up another point. The USB-C port on the RC is for charging only. The connection to the phone must use the USB-A port on the RC.

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