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Panorama different with two different C23 cameras


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Sep 5, 2018
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Matthews, North Carolina
I had the good fortune to obtain a very nice, refurbished second C23 camera at Yuneec Skins; thanks John.

In checking (and comparing) the two C23 cameras, I did two flights this afternoon. Both flights were with the same drone (Typhoon H Plus) and the same controller (even the same battery). Both the drone and the controller are on build 822 and are working fine. Both C23 cameras are on C23_C1.1.03_20190312. The "new" C23 performs a spherical panorama (18 photos) without any problem and all of the images are stored in the Panorama folder. The "old" C23 only takes one picture on spherical panorama and the returns to the camera position prior to the panorama. It never makes a "camera sound" at all. The one photo is in the Panorama folder. Both cameras perform beautifully in capturing video or single still shots. I don't do panoramas very often, but I was just comparing their full functionality. Any thoughts on why they would differ? Would reloading the camera firmware on the "old camera" make a difference? Your input, questions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
It would certainly be worth the effort to reload the firmware. Perhaps it had a glitch on the previous install.
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Check if the gimbal firmware versions are the same. I've sort of suspected for a while that the "panorama" program is actually stored in the gimbal firmware and only triggered via configuration commands from the controller. Don't even remember why I got that idea, but pretty sure I was actually working with a CGo3+ at the time.
As usual, you guys know where to start in solving a problem. I can't say for certain whether it was the camera.bin file or the gimbal.yuneec one, but after loading those files directly on the recalcitrant C23, it performs a spherical panorama photo sequence just as it should. Thanks so much for your excellent advice (as always),
An update on my test flights today:
Tom, I believe that my experience today would confirm your thought that the panorama function is in the gimbal firmware. I flew the C23 on the TH Plus and did a spherical panorama that did as it should. I left the camera settings on panorama when I landed and turned everything off. I then put the C23 on the H520 without doing a reset or making any changes. The H520 Datapilot does not support panorama as you know, but I chose burst mode and set it to 3 seconds. Much to my surprise when I hit the photo button, the C23 performed an 18 photo spherical panorama sequence before it then went into the 3 second burst photo mode. The 18 picture sequence was stored in a panorama folder as expected and was fine. Nice call. Thanks to all for your help and sound advice,
Wow. That's a big data point. It certainly seems to eliminate the drone firmware and the controller firmware. It still leaves the camera firmware as a possibility. Your experience gives me some ideas for a rainy day.
Or maybe someone on the Forum already knows for sure.

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