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Pls advise - Problem about Geofencing

Dec 24, 2016
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This morning I encountered some issue with geofencing when flying the Breeze.

I know that you can set the max distance and height in the setting to impose a limit on how far and high the Breeze can fly. For this flight, I set height 60m and distance 70m. The battery level was about 60% at that time.

What I didn't expect was when I tried Follow-me mode, a warning popped up saying that geofencing would not allow me to fly the drone any further. The drone could still track me on the spot, but it would not move to follow me. Later on, when I switched to pilot mode, the same warning popped up even though the drone had just taken off and was about 5m from me. Anyway, I went ahead and flew the drone, and it managed to flew off to about 10m, and then it stopped responding to my control input. Fortunately, RTH and Landing commands could still work, and I managed to get it back.

Later, I tried another battery with about more than 60% charge, and the drone seemed to fly ok again without the geofencing warning.

Can you guys give me your opinion regarding what happened?

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Yes I can try to explane. When you started, you told the Breeze your starting point (ground zero) and when you are moving away from that point and let the Breeze follow, you are limited by the geo fence. So what it means is that the geo fence not put you in center of it, instead it is the starting point who does, because it is a safe place if you lost contact and the Breeze return to it. That's what I have learn.

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