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Problems Fixed Once They Changed Out the Compass Board?

Discussion in 'Typhoon H Discussion' started by QuadBart, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. QuadBart

    Jan 19, 2016
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    My H is on its way back from Yuneec. Turn-around time was extremely quick!

    The repair order says they replaced the Compass Board. Was wondering for those who had minor issues, sent it in, and the solution was to replace the Compass Board if that fixed the problem? Additionally, did it introduce any new problems? Has everything been great since then?

    I ask as mine had a drifting problem after the last firmware upgrade/patch, as well as tilted camera when the LG were down. Mine was great when I got it in the beginning. Even the firmware upgrade that disappeared off their site, worked great in mine. No issues really. The beginning of Sept made it drift and some other minor issues, Middle Sept release fixed everything. End of Sept release, it was drifting and acting erratically. So mine was never too bad...

    I am pleased with the speed of Yuneec CS. I hope this fixes my drifting problem...
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