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920+ start up problems after power distribution board change.

You can use one output from the FC to check all the motors one by one. In this way, you can be sure about the workability of every ESC.
With the board powered off I was trying to check continuity between each pin on the end of each motor signal cable through to each motor plug but got nothing on any of them. To do it with the board powered on I'd really like to have an exact procedure to do it, test from x to y.
No way to do this, as you expected. There is no straight line to check continuity at all. The topic goes into deep chaos. My proposal is to put back the board with the defective ESC to see still all the rest is working.
Thats the next plan, it was working the last time it was fitted, so I'll fit it again and try to verify that the new board is the issue. 👍
I'm back to a situation where everything looks correct, GPS good, no errors, etc and that all I need to do is hold down the red start up button to start the motors, but when I try nothing happens, it's as if the button is not working...only that it is working I can see it is on the button function check screen, I know the controller is sending commands as I can see the status light change when I flick between fight modes.
Double tap the Volts readout on the ST16 to bring up the Final Output Display. F651DA67-E1C8-4BC5-838C-7450A33D2242.jpeg
Then hold in B1 (red button) and CH01 should show -25%. No other channels should be affected by B1.
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Thanks, I'll try this and report back.
This is a critical step in trouble shooting. CH01 of the final display will tell us if the controller is sending the signal. If CH01 looks good then the next step is to review the flight logs to see if the H920+ is receiving it.
In other words I am trying to confirm if this is correct or not, I believe I saw this scheme somewhere before but can't rememberView attachment 28314
YuneecSkins has a photo of the schematic you seek on their website.

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