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Q500 4K ST10+ data screen warning popup

Jul 11, 2022
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After initializing the quad ready for flight while on the ground or in the air I constantly get the (Warning: exiting flight data telemetry screen will disconnect you from aircraft) randomly every few seconds. I hit OK or cancel and popup goes away only to come back. I have never updated the firmware and wondering if this will remedy this problem or do I need to send it out for service?
I have not seen this happen unless I press one of the three soft-touch buttons on the bottom of the screen. What happens when you press each one? Are they working normally?

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Yes the Sys. settings, flight setting, model select all work ok with the warning popup coming up and hitting ok I can reset anything. But going back to ready for flight with plenty of sats. the warning popup starts coming up randomly. Hitting the cancel box makes it go away only for it to come back over and over. Sometimes the cancel box does not work at all. I guess I will have it sent out for repair. Maybe the touch screen is bad or new firmware is needed. Or perhaps a new ST10+. I see they are pretty cheap on ebay. Not sure what to do.
Fully working ST10+ costs $30 or near. No reason to lose any time and money with repairs.
I seriously doubt it would be a firmware issue. The firmware tends to be very stable on a Q500.
So the easiest and cheapest fix would be to get another controller. Once you get a replacement you will need to go thru the binding process which is pretty fast.

You have one with a good battery so you could go with one that is missing a batt if it is listed as functional.

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