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Question about "Team Mode"

Jul 2, 2016
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I'm thinking about buying a Typhoon H. I see that the H has a lot of awesome features for setting up interesting shots; CCC mode first among them...

But one thing I'd really like a lot, would be the ability to fly the aircraft with a full set of controls while a friend operates the camera, using a separate device with its own video feed. I'm sure this is a good way to get high quality footage... but I'm also interested because I think it could be a nice way to share the flying experience with my friends, who are not all drone geeks.

And I understand the Typhoon is able to do this! But I'm not sure exactly what the limitations are, and what minimum hardware is required. Confusingly, the same term ("Team Mode") is used for at least two concepts, which to my mind are distinctly different.

1) It can involve handing control of the camera to the ST16, while the "wand" is used to engage in a sort of semi-abstracted control method... which is interesting, and a great feature in its own right, but not exactly what I'm after.

2) It can involve using two separate ST16 controllers in conjunction; one as a pilot station controlling the drone, and another as a camera station controlling the CGO3+. Which is exactly what I want, except for the fact that the ST16 is very expensive.

So my question is, can I somehow achieve the result I want without buying a second ST16?

I already asked Yuneec tech support if there was any way to do a trainer-type link with a less expensive radio for the pilot station, and they said the answer was no...

But I'm also wondering if there might be any way to come at it from the other side, and use the ST16 as the pilot station while handing control of the camera to some other device, like a cell phone or tablet. Is that possible? And if so, would it greatly limit the range? I mean, the average cell phone or tablet might be able to pair with the CGO on the ground, but it won't have big honking antennas like the ST16...

Thanks everybody for your time and any advice you might be able to offer!

Sidenote... I get the impression that the new terrain avoidance system may include its own miniature navigation camera. Any idea if the feed from that camera will be available for broadcast -- either on its own, or as a PnP?

I can think of few ideas cooler than piloting FPV through the navcam while a friend controls the main camera. That'd be an experience worth the expense of a second high-end controller! But with the amount of data this thing is already streaming just for the first video feed, I imagine it might be easier said than done...

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