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Repair Shop recommendation?

Dec 6, 2015
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Got my 4K a week ago and had an awesome first day flying it. The trouble is that it was so easy to fly that I thought I was a much better pilot than I was. The next day I flew, I ended up running into a bridge support and splashing down in the water.
After blowing any remaining water, I left it in the case with a desiccant for a week. Put a (new) battery in it today and it looked like I may have escaped with only loosing a battery and the rotors. It did actually lift off, but it was very unstable. Ended up breaking a couple more rotor blades on the rough landing.
I have seen many repair shops on the internet, but don't know if any of them are reputable, capable or reliable.

Does anyone have a recommendation?
Good news - I did some research and found out all four ESC's were burned out. You could physically see it on the chips even though the GUI reported they were okay. Still had some stability problems, but I RTFM and discovered I was incorrectly calibrating the compass. Seems to be pretty good now, but I'm waiting for the weather to break here in Ohio (when I don't have to work) to really test it out.
If you do need service, I hear Pete from acesdeals.biz is good. His number is on the website.

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