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Typhoon H Prop Guards

This has to be the worst looking contraption I've ever seen for a drone. And the H is so cool looking on it's own, why ruin it with this flimsy little piece of plastic? I am begging Yuneec for a re-design on this, lol.
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This would easily save the drone from damage if it ran into a solid object. Prop guards work great on Phantoms, so no reason they shouldn't work great on the Typhoon H. If you never plan to fly close to trees or near sold objects (rock walls, buildings, fences, etc), then you have little use for prop guards. It's nice to know that this option exists.
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My H did a bit of landscaping on some outer tree leaves twice this week. H kept flying without any problem. Funny video with all the leaf debris flying around! This might have saves me from 1 broken propeller.
Had a similar "incident" as Joel Lukacher. I was testing the "Orbit Me" mode, increasing & decreasing the distance from me, while I was walking. Occasionally, I changed directions...but, on one "orbit", i changed directions, and then quickly changed directions again. This must have 'confused' the Typhoon H, causing it to do what it did. I've clipped the 5-minute video to show "the incident", as well as the few "orbits" leading up to it. Enjoy.
Yes, you were lucky to get out of that one. Well done....

I wish I could agree with the "Well done" part...but, as I said, I wasn't the one 'in control'. In truth, I was, alternately, primarily watching the screen & the drone. This was my first time using the "Orbit" mode, and I was playing around a little with the distance...but, beyond that, the "Orbit" mode was, essentially, in control. However, I do agree with both you, and cokeaddict, in regards to "being lucky". I'm not going to get religious on you, or anyone else, but, to be completely honest, without the Grace of God, my Typhoon H would have become a Typhoon B...as in "broken". Moving forward, I Will be more careful...and I won't try that again so close to trees.
Panther, I suppose that's not the Pro H? I have not tried those modes yet, but I wonder if a Pro with RS activated would have stayed out of the tree. You appeared to be going fast part of the time, and when the Pro RS is active max speed drops to 10-11 mph. The Pro manual (a joke) does not even mention those advanced modes.

Lucky you were, that's what I call it...
I ordered my carbon prop guard ring on August 27th at amazon. de


Below is a photo. I got it delivered on August 30th in the white packaging in the background, which looks like a pizza box :) The box is nicely labeld with manufacturing information and a QR code that leads to the tutorial video posted above.
Mounting was quite easy. The connection of the cantilevers to the motor mounts is quite sturdy but also stiff. But there are two spare parts if something goes wrong. (The tutorial video at 1m27s unfortunately does not show the actual removal process...) With a little training they are easy to unmount...
I flew with it outdoors and there was no degradation/reduction in Angle Mode's top speed (GPS on). Indoor RS+IPS is now on my list for testing.

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