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Typhoon H won Best of CES

May 22, 2016
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Typhoon H won Best of CES.
Okay we knew that but this is still a cool video recap explaining the H. i:)i

Good for new users.

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Like he said, if you want to get any better then you will be in the 2k/3k dollar range. I agree, you normally get what you pay for. In the case of this hex you will get more.
Please note the retort from my colleague in the Comments section.

No idea what you are talking about. Only 7 comments on that video. Must have missed something. i:)i
No idea what you are talking about. Only 7 comments on that video. Must have missed something. i:)i
Looks like he has Appalling68 blocked. Luckily, I have his OP:

This video is disturbing for many reasons, and I shall lay them out. First, you may claim that Yuneec was late getting the TH to market so they could iron out all the problems and "get it perfect", but this sUAV is FAR from ready. There are a host of problems with the Typhoon-H that users are screaming about on SM, but by far the worse is the CGO3+ camera. It would appear that Yuneec in their haste to get this to market, either chose substandard lens glass from the getgo or it was substituted by their own suppliers unknowingly during production. The focus of the camera is terrible. Go to any SM site or Yuneec-related forum and you will see what I mean. Don't know about the DJI camera, but the TH camera (in many cases, not all) renders this sUAV almost useless as an AP platform.

Other issues include: video link (ie, 5.8GHz) disconnects when raising the landing gear requiring the pilot to hover and wait 3-4 minutes until link reestablished; ST16 Tx microSD slot defective and unable to remove SD card once inserted; extremely long wait times (again 3-5 minutes) before the ST16 controller connects to the CGO3+ camera upon bootup; flight time WELL UNDER 20 minutes and NOT 25 minutes as advertised.

I am not trolling here. I own the Typhoon-H and have experienced every problem I've posted. I've had it for over a month and have probably put at least 20 flights on it. For me personally this vehicle is useless as an aerial platform from the out-of-focus lens issues alone. Yuneec Aviation has gone silent on this issue and can only offer "send it back to us for repair" which in many cases results in the vehicle being returned to the customer with the same lens issue.

Mr. Drone Camps RC I find it amazing that you are repeating the same marketing talking points that have been floating around the sector since the TH was first mentioned in February. Sorry to say this, but the drone is simply not ready for primetime and the fact that they're now starting to push the RealSense technology on this rather lemon of a drone is maddening. Yes, the TH looks cool and it's a hexacopter and it flies pretty well, but unless Yuneec is ready to replace the lens with something functional and works AS ADVERTISED, personally I'd just stay the **** away from this thing. I'm really sorry to have to say that.

One last thing. You've got your antennas on the ST16 reversed!
Oh more negative comments. Got it. i:)i
I feel the same about that as I do when I see demunseed (or others) DJI fanboy videos. Just more H bashing.

I won't argue with you because you are right, some guys got bad ones. I may be one of them for all I know I have not tested mine much yet. Just buzzing around in my yard so far but no issues yet that I can tell.

There are issues, can't argue with the truth. They also probably did rush to get it out. Probably did cut costs. Shoulda coulda woulda.

DJI did the same thing when the first phantom came out, it was full of problems from what I read. Never owned one myself but in just 3 years they are up to the 4th generation? That is more then one release per year. NEW MODEL, not fixing issues on current ones!! They release a new model because that is their way to fix problems and Oh yeah and "add cool new features" and make guys upgrade just to fix said problems their current models have. So they have to pay and pay again and again... Oh yeah and again. How is that so much better? I read before I got the H and that part of the phantom line scared me. That is their reputation for saying %$#^ you to their customers.

Am I wrong? I may be, I am no DJI expert but that is how I see it man. 4 new models in 3 years is a lot!

All I am saying is it is a new model. It is going to have some issues. I expect that going in. **** as I said I had mine for a month and have yet to even really fly the **** thing due to the lack of batteries. Still waiting! So I am already down a month in my testing warranty wise.

Yuneec probably should have waited a few months and upped the costs a bit to make sure all was well. Made sure the parts were better, better QC etc...
Again Shoulda coulda woulda..

All I do know is that a lot of guys are flying around with no issues with their H. Lots of guys are happy. Lou Ming beats the living crap out of his and it is still flying in his in his videos. Making it do more and more each time. I see posts from some guys here saying they are flying and having fun with no problem! Maybe that reviewer has a good one and has no issues with his? Is that possible?

You don't hear the positive as people don't post that usually. Forums are for issues so that is what you hear the most.

To me as long as Yuneec makes the issues right then I will be happy. If they don't fix their mistakes and address the issues then I will re-evaluate them at that time.
When I finally get to test mine and if it gets all weird and Yuneec does not make it right I will be all over the net about it believe me. i:)i
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That's great and all, but could we get some batteries, backpacks and other accessories we really need?!
That's great and all, but could we get some batteries, backpacks and other accessories we really need?!

No argument there man. I really think that Yuneec did not realize the demand this thing would have. I think they got caught out and that is why production is slow to come out on parts. Just my take.

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