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Typhoon H3 - time lapse issue - overwriting previous files

Dec 6, 2018
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Hello guys!

I have a nasty issue with my TH3, when i do time lapse shots. So here is what i do: empty sd card 64go, take off, time lapse capture (dng, interval 3sec) as long as the battery allow me, landing, checking pictures from last flight, switch battery, and take off, time lapse again, i did this with my 6 batteries, at the end of the day, when i wanted to upload all pictures to the workstation, i realized i had only the pictures from the last 2 flights... all others gone... and since i checked in between flights i'm sure they were there....
So the next day i investigated a bit, and it seems that, in time lapse mode, the ION camera overwrites previous files at a point (i could not find the exact pictures count or if it is simply by time or flight count).
Can someone with a typhoon h3 repeat those steps and tell me if same behaviour appear? >>> time lapse in DNG, interval 3sec, across several batteries

I contacted yuneec, and the only thing they told me is to send the drone to repair services, but i need the drone right now so i cannot be without it, and right now what I'll do is to transfer the pictures to my computer after each flight, not just checking them.

Because if it is a common behaviour, my point is that it's software related, and they could just release an update and they don't need me to send the drone and camera....

Thanks a lot for helping!!
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Dec 25, 2017
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I would have to agree with you on this one. Definitely sounds like camera software issues. This is something that the company could verify with their own equipment before requiring you to send in your unit for them to evaluate the situation. Unless they are willing to send you a unit to use while they troubleshoot your system.

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