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Updates are confusing aren't they!!

Aug 21, 2016
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Recently updated my st10+ using the st10+v01b30c.zip file. Took more time to figure out which files to use than the actual update took. So far everything seems to work fine but the confusion in selecting the proper files left me with an uneasy feeling during my next flight...really? Some files for the Q500, Q500+ etc are actually filed under the 4k downloads....hummm.

Yuneec really needs to upgrade and simplify their software/firmware download pages. When you go to the DETAILS link it says 'bug fixes'...not a lot of info there. Everyone seems confused as to what files are needed for which copter,which controller, which camera and which gimbal. Their online instructional videos are way out of date too. For instance the firmware update video posted by Yuneec for the Q500+ refers to a tx file and an rx file for the st10+ but the rx file no longer exists....confusing! Then the st10+v01b30c.zip file shows a st10+v01b30c File Folder but when you open the file folder or when updating the st10+ it shows up as st10plus_tx_b32.bin....WHAT? But after updating the st10+ the bin version shows correctly as st10+b30.bin in the st10+

Am I the only one that put off updating anything for the longest time for fear of 'bricking' the st10+ etc.

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Oct 8, 2015
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Aliso Viejo southern California
Luckily I live close to Ontario and Yuneec techs upgraded my firmware while I waited......heard to many bricking stories and the Yuneec video had a left turn right in the middle that kept me from trying to update on my own. (Some decompression software was mentioned which wasn't easily understood or easily found to load on the computer before upgrade would be possible ) I still run and fly 1.05 on two of my TYPHOONS (one G and one 4K ) because the lower speed governors....for flying slow cinematic shots. Btw I bought a "blade" st10 + and discovered it doesn't have the no fly zone lockout firmware. It is 1.05 and I don't want to upgrade this controller for fear of enabling the no fly zone limitations. They still fly well, except for the spin of fright in certain high wind pockets, and I hand catch every time to avoid the embarrassing hopping land dances!

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