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Video not recording

Jun 9, 2018
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West Haven, CT
I need help- I am using the controller and watching on the app- my drone is flying and doing what it should except that the record light is on when I turn it on and counting time, but when I go to look at video in the gallery section of the app there is nothing there. This has happened twice- when I used the phone app alone without the controller I got videos.
What device do you have Breeze Cam loaded on?

I must say I haven’t run across this problem before. Please also include your Client version and versions of Flying Control, ESC, and Camera when you respond.
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Is it possible the Breeze’s internal memory is full?
I am not sure, how can you tell if the internal memory is full and how to i delete it? I am using a Samsung Android Galaxy Note 4, Model sm-910v, Breeze cam verison 1.4.7, I was in selfie mode,
While you are in a flight mode a small disk symbol will appear in the upper right side of the Breeze Cam screen with a value in GB (GigaBytes) of storage area left.

If you are flying with the controller you have to press the R1 button to start/stop recording or to take a photo depending on the mode you are in. If you press the R2 trigger button on the controller it shows you what all the controls are on the controller.

Instructions for each flight mode can be accessed in that mode by pressing the ? for the Help screens.
Breeze doesn't record sound. So you can add/mix sound tracks in post processing using software.

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