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Videos on how to fix Yuneec Typhoon G

Apr 1, 2016
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Hi All,
A friend of mine in Mass State sent me his Typhoon G to fix. A motor had cracked off it.
So I bought a new air frame and fixed it by moving all the parts and motors over to it.
and doing a motor calibration for the ESC boards, compass calibration and accelerometer

It took me weeks to figure all this out.

My Typhoon G has crashed 5 times under my care and once by the former owner.
Yet is still files.

It is epoxied together now as I try to use epoxy after a crash. JB Weld Epoxy seems to hold up well.

I listed a whole set of videos of fixing the Typhoon G by moving the parts from the old air frame to a new air frame.

Takes a lot of time.

Here is the first video and they will autoplay to the last which is the 28th video

Hopefully these will help someone.

But the best thing is not to crash.
I tended to crash a lot with GPS off and horsing around with the Typhoon G.

Try to get as many satellites as possible and take off high up into the air so that you don't hit a tree and then figure out where you are flying to. Get above trees first.

With GPS off you are asking for a crash.

In smart mode realize that the GEO fence is confusing. Don't use smart mode when taking off or landing in a small space.

Use HOME mode to get it close to you. Then go to Angle and get it down close to you.
Home will land it if there is cement and a lot of it and no trees.

You can GUIDE the bird in HOME mode to have it avoid hitting trees and curbs.
I now just let it hover and catch the landing strut with my hand and then hit the RED button to turn it off fast.

Girl in Ireland on YOUTUBE.COM does this and I learned it from her.

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