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What are you running for video editing

Jun 14, 2018
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just curious what hardware everyone is using for video editing at 4K and 1080

Right now I am using my and laptop with a Amd A10-9620p running at 3.0 ghz with 8 gig memory and 2 gig video card . Quad core with dual core video processor , 17 “ 4K display.

It edits video pretty fast but rendering times at 4K are a little long .

Looking to build a desktop but not wanting to purchase more than I need
I noticed that while it renders it will not used either of the Gpu cores but using almost all of the cpu core resources
Kind of solved my problem , stupid me forgot to turn on the option that lets the video editing software use the gpu cores to help with rendering . Now it’s using all 10 cores available and rendering a ton faster , first crack at rendering a five min 4K video was 27 mins now it did it 5 mins. Much faster and using less of the cpu too
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:rolleyes: glad you solved your issue, we do have brain farts from time to time:D
This machine I'm using at this moment is on it's last legs. Keeps crashing and freezing. It was a fairly high end machine when I acquired it years ago but it is now well past it. However, when it does decide to work it will edit 1080 stuff withe ease and will just manage with difficulty and lots of delay 4K stuff, but doesn't have a 4K display. Runs an i5 at 2.53GHz (boosted to 2.8 in short bursts). 8gig RAM, NVIDIA CUDA Graphics card with 1GB on it.

As I said, It's knackered now. I was expecting a new computer to be delivered yesterday but the courier company messed up. Typical.
I am still pretty much a amd guy ..
The replacement computer that should have been delivered yesterday is an AMD jobby. An 8 core chip running 4.2 GHz. and an NVIDIA 4K graphics card...I just wish that the courier company were able to find my address.:mad:
For anyone getting into editing, especially 4K and above, it might help point you in the right direction if you first determine what program you want to use for the actual editing and then find what hardware requirements that software has. Most editors now will also have minimum, better, and best recommendations.
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Been using a gaming tower computer with a 4k graphics card using my 4K TV as my monitor for a few years now and I'm currently using Filmora 12 as my video editor. Works well rendering a typical 3 minute video in about a minute or so.
Your current laptop sounds like a solid contender – that Amd A10-9620p with 8 gigs of memory and a 2 gig video card definitely packs a punch.

4K editing can be a bit of a rendering challenge, but it's cool that your setup is handling it pretty well. Building a desktop is a great idea, and it's all about finding that balance between performance and budget.

If you're looking to enhance your editing capabilities on your future desktop, you might want to check out free video editing software for Mac like iMovie. It's a great starting point that offers a good range of features without the hefty price tag.
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I edit in Premiere Pro. Using a workstation I put together. HP Z420 server with dual 6-Core Xeon E5-1650 3.2GHz CPUs, 64 gigs of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card with 8 gigs of ram. I also have 16 TB of HDD with a 1 TB SSD as the program drive. It edits 4K no problem and if you engage the Mercury playback engine it uses the CUDA feature of the video card.
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