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What is best video software you use?

May 25, 2016
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I am looking at the different software out there for editing videos. What I am looking for is something to convert the file size for you tube upload and sound editing (who wants to listen to the rotors?)

Best free and best pay one?

What do you guys use?
All my Photos/Video are on my MAC

Final Cut Pro X Paid
iMovie Free

Used to use Adobe's version Adobe Premiere on the PC
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Adobe Premiere is the only software to use for video IMHO.
The Adobe CC suite is the best. The way all the software integrates with each other cannot be topped.
Edit the video in premiere, want to add a video effect, have it launch that segment into After Effects, no need to even export/import. It exports the segment for you and allows you to see the results right in the time line. Then use Audition for the sound.
Being an Indy film maker it is the only thing I use.
We use Sony Vegas Pro for all of our productions. We've used this for years and have won 3 international gold awards for excellence. So, I guess it does a pretty good job.

Thumb up on the awards man. Congrats! Nothing wrong with VP. Heck there is nothing wrong with using anything as long as it works for you.

Everyone just has preferences. i:)i
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I use Cyberlink's Power Director 14 and Color Director 3 for grading video. I have the CC Lightroom/Photoshop setup. But it costs like another $20 month to add Premier to it!
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