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Where is the Wizzard?

Sep 10, 2015
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Anyone heard any updates on the release date of the secret weapon, the Wizzard? I really could use this for a video shoot coming up.
No-one even has it available for preorder yet, so id say the best case scenario would be late this year.
I received a reply back from Yuneec with a basic canned answer for inquiring about the Wizard.

All the information that we have regarding our drones, updates and new products can be found on our website at http://yuneec.com/. Unfortunately that is all we know as well, please feel free to keep up with our website in the upcoming weeks for more information. Thanks for being a part of our Yuneec family!

Have a Yuneec Day!

Nesha Durham

Customer Service | Yuneec USA Inc.

5555 Ontario Mills Parkway

Ontario, CA 91764

T: 909-259-5113


supposedly a store in germany tied to amazon is taking pre-orders and will ship in 3-4 weeks excluding the U.S.

Have also seen a hobby store in the U.K. that will take pre-orders with no expected ship date.
Thanks Christopher, at least that is some movement in the right direction. I am hopeful that this doesn't turn into the same situation as the wait game people wth the 3DR Solo have had to endure waiting for the gimbals to be available. That was and is disheartening. I appreciate your post. It's encouraging!
The wizard looks like a very useful tool depending on the type of filming you do.
And I did not know they made full scale electric 1 & 2 person planes. :eek:

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Wizzard Update... I've used it now on several flights and for a video shoot. It's awesome. Big money, but still glad I picked one up. It's amazingly simple to use.
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I got one thrown in to my bundle but not sure how or why to use this. I have read the info on it still but not sure why I want to use this.

What can you share?
I would start with this clip.. it's really cool.

I've used it for following people shooting music videos. Get it launched and started, the Wizzard goes in your pocket so that it's out of sight.
It's uses are endless if you want to be somewhat hands free. Think bike riding, running, skiing.. on and on..
Nice that you got it as part of your bundle. That's great.

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