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q500 4k

  1. M

    Trying to start w/ a Q500 4K, what is best & worst used for?

    Hello all, I'm new to drones and I'm wondering why isn't the Q500 4K isn't more popular, it seems like a steal for the price! A drone with a good battery life, reasonably priced, from a reliable company, that can be insured so if damaged it can be claimed, w/3-axis gimbal for good original...
  2. Irula

    CGO3 Gimbal not tilting. Camera not Initializing

    Got my Q500 4k about 3 months ago (used) and everything was working perfect. After a couple test flights. Camera stop taking Photos. "failed to take snapshot" warning kept popping up in red letters on top of ST10+ screen but recorded with no problem. was working like that for 2 months and...
  3. ATLienQ500

    Q500 4k Altitude Drops

    On 5/3/2018 at about 11:23 am ET I was hovering during a test of my Q500 4k. The plan was to fly through my 6 batteries since I hadn't flown the quad in several months. Flight location was Piedmont Park ... a place I often fly. I get there, calibrate the compass and then the accelerometer and...
  4. m5zealot


    Hello, I'm selling my spare camera. I sold my Q500 a year ago and had this new spare laying around. I was going to keep it in case I got another Q but, got an H Pro instead. It has never been used, just tested on the hand grip after I bought it from Yuneec directly. ($549.99). It's been in...
  5. Eddy G

    CG03 Antenna Mod Q500 4K

    Hi So I've just got the parts to do the CG03 antenna mod Just wondering when I do the swap should I remove the old antenna or leave it in place? If I remove it will it affect the Gimbal balance due to less weight? Hope someone can help
  6. J

    !SOLD! Yuneec Q500 4K for sale *CGO3 is dead

    Comes with: Hard Aluminum Case Sets of Props CGO3 4k Camera (camera connects and works but the gimbal won't move) (2) Batteries ST10+ Controller with Yuneec Neck Strap Steady Grip All charging cables And everything else in the photo. I live in Indianapolis, IN. $250 plus shipping.
  7. R

    Can I Add Collision Avoidance to My Q500 4k Typhoon and...

    I like the way my Q500 4K flies and performs but I am wondering if there are add ons such as collision avoidance and pre-programmed flight?
  8. S

    H920 Plus and Q500 For Sale

    Yuneec Drones for Sale I’m not a dealer. I’m thinning out my Drone Hanger. ***SOLD*** Tornado H920 Plus Newest model. Only 5 short flights done on this bird. Includes… Travel Case ST16 Ground Station Controller with spare battery CGO4 Camera R10 Charging station with cables ProAction Ground...
  9. J

    Just another compas problem!

    Hi! No matter how hard I try, no matter how low the kp index is, I always fail and get the solid white led light when attempting to calibrate the q500 4k. Ive noticed when calibrating the led lights are blinking red and green fast as the should. But I get a quick white light every now and then...
  10. JaysJob

    YUNEEC 5 New Propellers Typhoon Q500 4K $20

    5 New propellers but I don't have the box. Bought these as emergency extras. Had a Typhoon Q500 4K but now fly a different drone. Includes 3 A and 2 B props and set of 4 rubber rings. $20 plus shipping. PayPal only. Shipping USA contiguous states only.
  11. thewineguy

    Failsafe parachute ideas...

    Has anyone tried any parachute mounts to save the drone if a fallout happens? Was thinking about how I could "fallsafe" the drone and create a universal chute that you could activate with the remote.
  12. V

    cgo3 vs cgo3-GB vs cgo3-GB+

    So I was looking at pricing for replacing my camera for my Q500 4K. I'm trying to figure out why the titles for these listings are different depending on where your looking (see above). I'm thinking the GB stands for gimbal but they all had the gimbal included and there were several that were...
  13. P

    Symptoms of Compass Calibration Error?

    Hi Folks! I'm a relative "newbie" with my Yuneec Q500 4K drone. I try to follow all the guidance provided in the manuals and from most helpful folks here. I do have a question regarding the calibration of the compass and suspect it applies to other models as well. Although an inconvenience...
  14. S

    Installing FPVLR Basic Antenna Kit

    Hi guys! So I got my antennae in and took my ST10+ on a two hour drive to have it installed by a "professional". I got home and tested it and got less than 200 feet of range before video cut out. Needless to say, I was pissed. I opened up the ST10+ (terrifyingly) and examined the "job" that...
  15. S

    "Home mode" Resulted in uncontrolled, stunningly hard landing. Video inside

    Hi guys, First things first, video of the incident is currently uploaded here. FPV (avc) Version here Remote Telemetry Here I've also attached the telemetry from this flight below, rename the .txt to .csv (the forum apparently doesn't like .csv files). Just as soon as I got my FPVLR...
  16. M

    Should I buy the Q500 4K or...

    Hi. I'm buying my first drone/quadcopter/SAV or whatever the "in" word is for them this week, in the next few days. I originally had my heart set on a Phantom Pro but just yesterday I caught a glimpse of the Q500 4K package going for about £150 cheaper than the P3P with a hard case and an extra...
  17. C

    CGO3 Camera and steady grip for sale

    Looking to sell a CGO3 camera in perfect working order $350.00 OBO I'll throw in the steady grip for an extra $25.00
  18. S

    Q500 4K Attempted to fly away, then almost crashed. Telemetry included

    Hey guys, I recently did a compass calibration and it apparently succeeded. I've been noticing I lose left stick control when attempting to turn through 360 degrees while stationary, hence why I recalibrated. I then tested the craft and noticed it attempted to fly away. I flipped the switch to...
  19. WEDWay

    Warbling Video Gone!

    After some initial tip overs and problems that broke a few Yuneec blades, I bought aftermarket blades. I was getting a warbling video shortly thereafter. I went back to Yuneec blades and my warbling video issues seem to have vanished as quickly as they came about. I have only one flight under my...
  20. WEDWay

    Review video on iPhone

    I use the iPhone app sometimes when I am flying to set/check the camera. I have tried to preview the videos after flying and I can't get them to play. I can preview still, I can see the description and icon for the videos, but they do not play. Anyone else have this problem?