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Wizard mode button

Discussion in 'Typhoon H Discussion' started by Paladin, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Paladin

    May 22, 2016
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    I have not really had time to fly the H yet except hovering it in my yard. Sad I know. Anyway I was just going through the gear and was checking out the wizard for the first time. I notice that my slide switch on the side (for flight mode) is weird, or at least I think it is. It slides fine from center to the up position. When sliding it to the lower RTH setting from center it is not a full movement. Not the same as from center to up. Is that normal?

    The mode seems to be working because the light changes, it just does not feel like it is moving fully, more like half way. Kind of weird. Feels like I am not sliding it enough.

    It does work as far as changing the light so I assume no huge deal, just curious if that is normal.

    Oops maybe this should have been in the Help section, sorry.
  2. yufasa

    Mar 2, 2016
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    That switch is really cheap and slides too easy. I would like to feel a solid click when moving between positions. Not the case here