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  1. RGilmore

    Sep 9, 2016
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    So these bad boyz rocked up today for the Yuneec E90 Camera on the H520, going by the looks of things, if the new Yuneec C23 remains the same as shown and displayed at CES 2018, these lens filters will fit that too. Not yet tried them, but they are designed to fit the 39mm thread that the Stock U.V. filter screws on to. So no need to fit the ring adapter for using the 40.5mm camera filters. Not sure who's stocking them to be honest, im sure there will be many suppliers across the UK, States, Europe and Worldwide who will be able to supply them. There's a filter here for every scenario, from CPLs, to ND PLs, they really look the Ticket. They come in a packet with cleaning Pen and microfiber cloth, they feel nice and light and have a good quality finish. Remains to be tested, but being Freewell I'd imagine they will be pretty good Quality, Wonder if they can make the camera work better. IMG_20180115_200155.jpg IMG_20180115_200144.jpg IMG_20180115_195959_2.jpg IMG_20180115_195959.jpg IMG_20180115_183656.jpg IMG_20180115_183547.jpg IMG_20180115_183418.jpg IMG_20180115_183356.jpg IMG_20180115_183342.jpg IMG_20180115_200144.jpg IMG_20180115_195959_2.jpg IMG_20180115_195959.jpg
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  2. TopDown1

    Nov 24, 2017
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    Right there with you brother! I opted for the All-Day Package as well! Quality looks solid. Still looking for E50 ND's... Can't wait to get these badboys airborne!
    IMG_3540.jpg IMG_3541.jpg
  3. DanWeston

    Sep 7, 2017
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    These look great... and apologies in advance for hi-jacking the post but I have a question about using filters in general if that's cool.

    Coming from a solid photography background and moving into video, I'm learning about the relationship between frame rate and shutter speeds. I gather that shutter speed should be 2x the frame rate... so for 30fps, a shutter speed of 1/60 should be used. I guess that on a bright day and using a lower fps rate, the shutter speed will be coming down. And if you want to shoot wide open, your image is going to over expose... enter ND filters to reduce the amount of light.

    Ok so far I think.

    My question is... why (particularly when using drones) would you use want to shoot wide open and not just close the aperture? Depth of field has a far lesser affect at distance and images are much sharper through a smaller aperture. To my mind the need to shoot nice bokeh and short depths of field is very limited from a drone. When I'm filming from my drone, I'm looking for a high FPS, a proportionally high shutter speed and a small aperture for maximum smoothness and sharpness. Or am I missing something?

    I bought a polariser (or 'polarizer' for those over the pond!) to cut through haze and bring out those nice blue skies but beyond that I can't see much use for filters.

    Thanks in advance.