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Yuneec Typhoon H3 + additional equipment

May 12, 2016
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Selling Yuneec Typhoon H3 with Leica camera , NEW - never used ! for 2000 EUR + Shipping cost which will be calculated per buyer's address.
With standard Typhoon H3 package, you are getting additional 4 batteries (6 in total !) and Yuneec Dual charger.

Further more I can offer additonal controller ST16S (NEW-never used) for only 200 EUR, which is currently with H520 software but can apparently be switched to Typhoon H3 software (we can offer manual for doing so). So you can use two controllers for team work , one is piloting the drone, and the other one is controlling camera. Or you can purchase this additional controller for backup.

So here is the list of what you are getting :

- Typhoon H3 aircraft YUNTYH3EU
- ST16S controller with 7 inch integrated tablet YUNST16SEU
- 6 batteries YUNTYH3B4S5250
- Dual charger YUNDY5-2EU
- BONUS addition is Yuneec Breeze drone, completely new -never used. This is older type of drone mainly controlled by your smartphone (or if you find specific controller). As application for using this drone might not be available anymore on Android store, we can offer this application as file for download so you can install this on your smartphone. Probably it is better to use older smartphone with Android 10 or lower version.

All from this above list is completely NEW, never used.

Just to be clear, pictures are showing not only scope of this offer but in addition you will see here pictures of additional ST16S controller and this Co-Pilot system that can be purchased as an option !

-Additional ST16S controller you can purchase for 200 EUR.
-Co-Pilot system you can purchase for 700 EUR.

Co-Pilot system (made in Germany) can be used with any drone which controller supports HDMI. You are getting 17 inch monitor 1440x900 px (16:10). There is a charger 12V/16.A; 230V/50Hz, max 27 W and battery 12V, 9Ah so it can operate this about 10 hours. And there are USB and USB-C slots for charging smartphones, laptops or tablets or whatever you need. There is Voltmeter showing battery status. You have 2 LED lights inside this case and you can organize inside foam as you need. For more information take a look at attached PDF.
Dimensions : 550mm x445mm x220mm.

As we are located in EU, for simplicity and shipping, we prefer EU buyers.
If you wish to purchase as business with valid EU VAT number, then we can offer purchase without VAT.
Private persons pay full price with VAT.
We accept only payment in advanced to our company IBAN account.
If you have any questions a,let me know through private messages.


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