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Recent content by J J Antonetti

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    Obstacle Avoidance

    I get that error all the time, ever since I updated to the latest and I guess last firmware. It’s annoying but doesn’t seem to effect anything except that I have to hit the previous key on the st16 to clear the error. I’ve used the obstacle avoidance and indeed it does work even tho it does...
  2. J

    Shooting Cell Towers

    Don't shoot towers I like my cell coverage! It really shouldn't matter that much unless you get straight on with the antennas most cellphones use 800 - 900 MHz and 1.8 - 1.9 GHz as a frequencies (not saying there isn't bleed) your frequency hopping transmitter should adjust accordingly.
  3. J

    Do I really want one

    Agreed! I've built and flown a number of flight systems from DJI to MultiWii classed. Only two systems that I really love to fly is Yuneec H and Pixhawk, ease of use I'd pick Typhoon as the best. They all have their quirks, it's how the manufacturer handles service that is key.
  4. J

    Goggles for Typhoon H

    Love the fat shark dominator (v3) I'm thinking it would be a good choice for the H and all my other UAV's, including my xhover 230. Although I do recognize the line of sight issues where it would be nice to have a google glass type setup. Wish Google would have continued development
  5. J

    Of firmware and "twitchy" birds

    I think the tendency to call it pilot error or "newb" is a little on the course side. I myself have had the landing issues with my H and I know it's related to the firmware and some bug in realsense. Yes I know I've not had this bird for real long ( late last year) but through the transitions of...
  6. J

    A drone 1500 ft up near Ottawa Airport

  7. J

    Tell me I am not interpreting this correctly for Wisconsin Drone rules

    Anyone wanting info on WUAB (Wisconsin UAS Advisory Board ) Just pm me. Tried to place the Facebook page as a URL and it came out as junk.
  8. J

    Tell me I am not interpreting this correctly for Wisconsin Drone rules

    A note in this and legislation, I'd highly recommend people find out when the next FAAsT (FAA safety Team is an educational branch of the FAA) meeting in their area is and attend. Last Wednesday I went to the FAA event regarding safety and drones and met with the local FAA reps and also...
  9. J

    Cheesden Lumb Lower Mill (ruins)

    Beautiful! Nice footage! So much history there!
  10. J

    H flipping over

    Yes I believe it's also (the last firmware) the reason why my OA fails causing problems when landing even though the OA is off. What I found as a work around is to shutoff OA altogether even before flight. It still gives a failure messages but my landings are better.
  11. J

    Object avoidance fails

    It is with the realsense. I do have other information on this issue as of Friday when I went and flew on a beautiful calm and warm(er) evening I got the error right away and clicked off on OBS, got the failed error then took off got about 30 feet further up and out about 60 ft and turned it to...
  12. J

    Object avoidance fails

    Thanks ! Will do!
  13. J

    Flying when it's snowing?

    I flew at 6 degrees (f)over a frozen lake about 2 months ago! Was awesome, no wind so it really didn't feel that cold until I got back in the car and realized I could feel my hands burning from the cold. Flying over frozen lakes is an amazing adventure. I've flown in snow ( very cold ) and you...
  14. J

    Firmware update freezes Typhoon H

    Really? I've never had an issue with talking to them or them telling me they are going to charge me! I'm thinking you might be a troll ..