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Recent content by Robert007

  1. Robert007

    Watch "NHCC fourth of july 2018" on YouTube

    Filmed by typhoon h hexacopter
  2. Robert007

    CGO3 Camera stuck revolving

    Thanks Flushvision
  3. Robert007

    CGO3 Camera stuck revolving

    Stopped after turning st16 and typhoon h off ,and restarting
  4. Robert007

    CGO3 Camera stuck revolving

    My typhoon H drone has a CGO3 Camera, I was testing it out , and testing pan mode , and the camera started to rotate , and I placed pan knob straight up , and camera wouldn't stop rotating. Anyone ever have this happen .
  5. Robert007

    St16 will not let me go into secret menu?

    Perhaps in the iPad settings of accessibility. You have magnify selected on triple tap . May have to uncheck that box. .Just a suggestion
  6. Robert007

    CGO3 camera app

    What is the name of the app , I tryed to get an app of CGO3 and wouldn't work on my android phone.
  7. Robert007

    ST16 | What's a Good Price

    Best price is on E bay , that sounds like a good deal , I suggest using the free app called PayPal. That if you have any issues , they will help resolve any . Also seller has a very high feedback rating of 100%. Hope this helps you . Bob
  8. Robert007

    Drones are advanced security systems

    I own a Yuneec typhoon h. Not a good idea , too dangerous to fly at night . I did it once to film a firework show . Try game camera
  9. Robert007

    CG03 + camera issues .

    Okay, thanks for the fast reply
  10. Robert007

    CG03 + camera issues .

    I have the CGO3+ camera on my typhoon h , and tryed to connect to a CGO3 app on Google play store. Wouldn't connect . Anyone know the app that work,s ???
  11. Robert007

    Simulator connects, rotor spins, none of the controls work

    On YouTube , shows how to access yuneec typhoon h , ST 16 hidden menu , it will show if all the buttons are working on ST16 .
  12. Robert007

    typhoon h , making constant ringing tone

    i think it is because of loss of signals
  13. Robert007

    typhoon h , making constant ringing tone

    i went to start my typhoon h , in the concrete basement , and the drone was making a constant ringing tone , why did it do that , location perhaps , i never seen it do that
  14. Robert007

    Slightly Swollen H Battery

    patr , I have seen several lipo batteries swell , cause by overcharge. And not being used for periods of time . You have guessed wrong of them . Since batteries can only go in one way.pilot just has to make sure there locked in.