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Recent content by Stein

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    CGOET for H plus?

    Does the H CGOET work for H Plus? Anyone?
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    Anyone use a Zao-S with an H-520 to livestream?

    I follow this (to get a push)
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    H 520 for mapping better than P4P?

    I have watched a few of Drone U´s videos and from my viewpoint they are all DJI ads.
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    C23 on Typhoon H Pro?

    I placed related Qs to Yuneec EU a while ago: Will the H plus batteries work on H, and visa versa? Will the C23 work on H and H920 with adapter? They answered: We are sorry to say but with both questions we have to give you the bad answer no. Kind of unsure here since I have seen test...
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    H PLUS Autopilot on the H520 ?????

    As an old IT developer I recognize familiar issues. Re-use across applications are only economic if the same team is re-used as well. Knowledge is much more important than documentation for speed and quality. If they kicked off parallel processes for H520 and H Plus - at the same time with...
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    Anyone used the CGO4 in the proaction Gimbal?

    The CGO app replacing the CGO3 app work ok. Have used it a few times. Use it with audio recording in the iPhone with external mike. Only thing is I need the Mac and iTunes to retrieve the Audio files from the apps own storage - but it is synchronized mostly - saves a lot of time from external...
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    Tornado H920, GB603 & Sony A7 serie

    Thank you for the response. Interesting, and no - I am on Panasonic and Blackmagic at the moment - sharing glass between them. Will sit on the fence for a while - waiting for input from a company who use Gremsy T1 with the H920+. Not sure which camera yet.
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    Tornado H920, GB603 & Sony A7 serie

    I am sure you all know this tool, but place it here anyway - looks like an easy way to map a remote to a Sony or Panny. Would like to get a GB603 to work using this for camera control. Q to the tech of you, how would the downlink (from the h920+ if possible to adapt) work? Intelli-G (air...
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    Anyone used the CGO4 in the proaction Gimbal?

    I am using the iPhone version. But I did find this - no idea if it is the real thing or not: Download CGO4 app apk latest version • App id com.yuneec.android.cgo4
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    ProAction with CGO4

    Yes. I have after my last comment bought a good old clapperboard. The Digislate app I used previously has an electronic clap, but the sound peak is much to modest to use for Marking in FCPX for synchronization. The clapperboard gives a real stand out peak in audio record and after a couple of...
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    Anyone used the CGO4 in the proaction Gimbal?

    I have the same issue with closing the zoom lense. I kind of remember that the lens did go back when using the ProAction prior to (+)- upgrade. Just another (+) issue?
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    ProAction with CGO4

    Have anyone found a good approach to handle audio when using the ProAction? I have tried slate and Zoom H1 - it is possible when you do not record people talking - difficult to hit the frame and clap-sound with marks in FCPX and achieve real sync. Last I tried to use a iPhone recorder app and...
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    Can i record sound with video in cgo3+ camera with steadygrip?

    I can only repeat that using an external mike to the iPhone and merge sound with video in post is the best option for me. It was a pity that I needed to use the iTunes app on Mac to split the sound out of the phone cgo app, but quality is great if you direct the mike correctly.
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    GB603 with H920 Plus?

    I placed a price question to Yuneec EU about the alternative GH4 gimbal for my H920+ , - I considered to get it at the time - but they clearly stated it would not work on my H920 after upgrade to H920+.
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    PC Flight planner software for H920+?

    I have the 920+ after upgrade, but since we have local rules here forcing me to do a drone-pilot exam first, I am only training on the smaller 480 at the moment. But the 920+ will do the waypoints from maps according to the Yuneec description. I am looking forward to the spring to "upgrade" my...