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Recent content by wedbster

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    Discounted CGO3 from Manfrotto UK

    This is not for Typhoom H, it is only a CGO3 not a CGO3+
  3. wedbster

    This could be a future error

    Exactly the same ... will fix it.
  4. wedbster

    This could be a future error

    Thanks for your tip and good eyes ... same here, but I think it should be possible to fix it without opening the copter.
  5. wedbster

    Warning - CGO3+ camera lens upgrade

    Yuneec Typhoon Camera Extended Threaded Lens Mount – Peau Productions
  6. wedbster

    Warning - CGO3+ camera lens upgrade

    PixAero Lens 3.77mm for Yuneec Typhoon H CGO3, CGO3+
  7. wedbster

    CGO3 issue

    First stop video capturing before power off the copter.
  8. wedbster

    H520 Released????

    Looks only like pre-order fantasy also wrong product images
  9. wedbster

    Landing gear warning?

    If you fly a Typhoon H Realsense, it will not land manual with landing gear up, it will stop in ~1,5 meters hight
  10. wedbster

    First crash....

    It is possible, you need to connect your Q500 to the GUI-Software to "reset" the motor-crash.
  11. wedbster

    Pushing the red button doesn't stop the props from the first time

    If you have played with your channel-setting, Reset your ST16 If not, look here
  12. wedbster

    Firmware upgrade for FPV controller?

    Firmware Issues / Breeze WiFi fix / Tips
  13. wedbster

    Tilt control on gimbal broken...

    I do not think, you need to fix the problem with any fluid. For calibration, it is important to do it the rigth way, otherwise you get a wrong result.