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  1. B

    Is my battery still safe to use?

    Hello there, long time no post! I was wondering if this battery I have been using for the past 3-4 years is still safe to use. Attaching some photos, don't remember if it was this "bloated" when I bought it or what is really considered safe for Chroma batteries.
  2. Lucas Galli

    Using SkyRC D100 / iMax B6 and battery pinout

    Helo folks. I am planning to use other chargers (in addition to the original) with my Typhoon H batteries, since having only one unit that takes 2,5 hours to charge can be a big problem in some jobs. Also, I would like to have the possibility to charge them for storage, which seems that the...
  3. K

    GiFi 8050 Battery

    Very happy GiFi 8050 Wow first test flight,no camera. Runtime 26.18 minutes. Runtime started when i pressed the button on the TY- H I got it on Ebay from seller chris 5188818 $96.98 + free shipping. I am very pleased. Keith Kuhn
  4. johnnyb57

    How does mAh translate 6300 mAh charged? It reads 2423 mAh

    I looked, but couldn't find an answer, so here goes ? You have a 6300 mah battery, when fully charged it says 2423mah, a 5400 mah, fully charged its 3827 mah ? How do I understand these numbers ? I would think a 5400 fully charged would read 5400 mah ?
  5. Thornsby49

    Battery Advice

    Hi all Brought a Typhoon H package second hand, included 2 genuine Yuneec batteries and one after market, Images of both of the genuine batteries below. The guy i brought it from received them in this condition,(i guess he brought it second hand too) He said he had them checked on the Forum...
  6. A

    Typhoon H Battery Life

    Hey crew, Been flying a Typhoon H since summer of 2016. Has anyone else had the issue of steadily decreasing battery life and flight time? When I purchased the unit new, I got the usual 20-25 minutes. I few it this morning and barely got 60 seconds on both batteries. Both have been charged and...
  7. JMolter

    ST16 froze mid-flight

    So here's what happened. It just snowed here in Wisconsin and I wanted to get a quick few pictures of the area but didn't have time to fully charge my Typhoon H battery, so I put it on the charger for around 45 minutes and then removed it and went to my flying spot. It was 23 degrees out when I...
  8. P

    Battery lifespan?

    Hi, which has the biggest impact on the H batteries lifespan? Age or nbr om charges/discharges? I have 3 Yuneec original and one Giffi 8050mA. They are all almost 3 years now and none is yet puffing or drained/flewn under 14.5.
  9. Capt Mark

    Has anyone tried these batteries

    Hello again all, Got some great input from my last query and thought I ask for your input again. Has anybody tried these Chinese batteries from GIFI Power? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FCM1WZT?pf_rd_p=c2463b52-1139-4aba-9ac9-26d103f6c586&pf_rd_r=PG57AQWZX7RFJTFSBMYM They are claiming...
  10. Jhen19

    ST16 Battery Charging Issue

    Hi guys, Just unboxed my Typhoon H today, but have been doing hours of reading and YouTube browsing to prepare for its arrival. To preface the meat & potatoes of this post, I've searched around to see if anything else on the forum matches my question, but it's only bits and pieces of the issue...
  11. S

    4S cell at 14.8 volts

    I have been looking at batteries and trying to wrap my head around the electronics of it. I want to build a li-ion batyery pack. From what i have seen the Q stops flying at just over 10 volts. Looking at battery test online i have seen that if batterys are in the typical 3S setup each cell would...
  12. C

    Can't update or fly

    Yesterday I bought this drone and after a 2 min fly I stopped and put it down for 30 mins. when I went to turn it on, the power button went strait to blue, I thought maybe it was normal but when i connected to it wouldn't fly, so i tried to update, it said there was insufficient battery. i put...
  13. M

    Battery Charger

    Hi, I am in the UK. What make/model of battery charges are there in the UK where I can charge multiple Typhoon H batteries at the same time (minimum of 2) and also have an option for leaving the batteries in a storage state as well. I have seen the A10 charger, but want to know what else...
  14. klattu

    Battery News

    MaximalPower 8050mAh...anyone try these yet ? Advertises 30 minute flight times...I'd be happy with anything over a true 20 minutes. Was temped to order the Venom 6700mAh, then found these.
  15. D

    Handset Charging...

    Hi folks - I'm new here. Bought my H520 today but am having a bit of a problem already. After unboxing it and following the start up instructions pretty much to the letter, I got it up in the air. A couple of basic moves and one or two landings later the remote switched off and the drone landed...
  16. CzarMark

    Breeze Battery Storage

    I've been reading a great deal about proper battery storage for optimal battery life. There seems to be a lot of information for many Yuneec products, but not the Breeze. As this is the first winter since I purchased my Breeze and I live in Northeastern Wisconsin, I don't think I'll have many...
  17. S

    Breeze wifi connects, but no sensors

    My Breeze will connect to my phone through the wifi, but none of the other sensors will connect. Battery level shows nothing even though it is a fully charged battery ( I tried 3 different batteries). Tried to reset drone, that didn't help. Reinstalled app and tried on two different devices...
  18. M

    Yuneec H battery available for $53 through Amazon prime

    Hi there, I know this Yuneec H battery and price ($53) has been recently posted but I do not think it was from Amazon and included with prime shipping. What is interesting is I found the same battery on Amazon but not included with prime and it is priced at $90+. I ordered one and will have it...
  19. P

    Battery problem

    So my original yuneec batteries were destroyed due to my poor lipo care habits. One of my batteries leaked fluid, and the other one stopped charging. The battery that stopped charging would continuously showed 11.1 volts on the transmitters telemetry screen and after leaving it to charge...
  20. A

    Battery charger blinking green constantly

    I recently received a Typhoon G from my wife as a birthday gift and I'm really excited to get it in the air but the charger just keeps blinking green ("ready to charge) no matter how I plug the contraption in nor which socket I try. I've already tried to replace the fuse on the charger, to no...