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Has anyone tried these batteries

Nov 21, 2017
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I saw those too. I looked for reviews of Gifi batteries and found one youtuber who tested the Gifi vs OEM battery in his Breeze. Even though the GiFi was higher capacity, the OEM battery still had a longer flight time.

I'd love to hear if anyone here chimes in.

Thanks for posting the question Capt. Mark.
Hello I'm and saving up for the TH but in the mean time I've been doing my research in which I've learned a great deal from everyone, thank you very much. On this new batteries there isn't much review out there on them but I did find out that they are 80g heaver than a 6300 mah so as far as flight time I don't think you'll gain much because of the extra weight. But here is some pricing if you haven't looked around these are all 6300 mah batteries. Power Extra $73.99 Walmart, Morpilot $68.99 Walmart, Gens Ace Ultrax $55.75 rcplant.com
not to make any upset but this is just something I seen and want to let the community now about.
There have been mixed results reported from people that have tried the 8050mA GiFi batteries. Some have reported puffing after a relatively short period of time while some haven’t. One consistency has been in flight time reports, with most all of them reporting only minor improvement over stock size batteries. IRRC that has been about 4 minutes more.
We're getting some good info here!

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