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  1. 3

    Very short flight time with new batteries

    I purchaced my Q500 4K before the summer holidays. I've played around with it and gave it some really quick test flights in my backyard. After gaining confidence with the simulator i decided to do my first real flight in an open area a week ago. Sadly both stock batteries died after just 5...
  2. R

    New 8050 mAh Battery for Typhoon H Available in USA

    Carolina Dronz, a dealer for GiFi batteries, will now offer the new 8050 mAh batteries for $99. My tests on one of these batteries gave a 25% increase in flight times over stock batteries and other batteries claiming 6300mAh.
  3. C

    Battery after Battery failure

    Ok, are the Typhoon Q500 batteries poorly made? Seems the first time charge all good. Subsequent charges would not take. Bought two more and a different charger. Same pattern. Cb my fault. Do I have to stand there and take off immediately after the charge? Like my camera Lithium camera batteries...
  4. Rubik

    High altitude and battery life

    Has anyone noticed that the batteries drain faster at high altitude? It make sense because of the thinner air, the motors must work harder. I was flying yesterday at about 6300 ft elevation. TH still flew fine but not as long.
  5. Joseph Corrado

    Slightly Swollen H Battery

    I took a flight yesterday and when I was done I pulled the battery and noticed that it was a bit swollen. I let it rest and the swelling went down a bit. I'm going to dispose of it. Any best practices? it still has a bit of a charge. I don't have a means apart from use to discharge the battery...
  6. TheDhuddist

    Battery Charging settings for Q500 4k

    Hi all. I've tried searching here and on Google but the results are seriously mind boggling to try to digest. Maybe if I just lay out clear questions, I can get a direct answer and my old brain can avoid losing what few cells (no pun intended) it has left. :) 1. I have the stock charger, but I...
  7. Aguster

    GiFi 8050mAh H480 Battery...

    Looks like they're available on eBay only from Hong Kong for $106. Anyone had an opportunity to try one yet? I purchased one yesterday and am very curious to see how they perform. I'm not convinced about GiFi cell quality or where they're actually sourcing cells that generate 2012.5mAh (give...
  8. R

    Typhoon H accessories for sale

    I have some Typhoon H accessories I'm trying to sell. If you are interested, let me know. Battery and charger - $175 Wizard Wand - $125 Extra props 6 a and 5 b - $20 (Plus shipping) [email protected]
  9. A

    Battery causing jello effect?

    After making some home repairs, my video sometimes contain wavy lines (jello effect). I've been able to resolve 95% of the affect after adjusting my dampeners, balancing props, and re-securing internal wires, etc. but I still experience jello on occasion. The other day, I noticed that videos...

    Some questions before get a Typhoon H

    Hey Huys. I'm new this Typhoon subject. Now, Im getting ready to get my first Drone, and there some rounding me..... hope guys you can support me: 1. The MicroSD for the ST16, is this used for just metadata from controller? I mean, not video files. May I use for that like this...
  11. Morten

    Battery warning on fully charged battery, when "hammering it"

    Hi guys I get a "low battery, reduce height to...." when I´m "hammering" my Typhoon H Proff., even on a fully charged battery....is that normal. Yes I know, I shouldn´t be "hammering"....but it´s great fun.... Anyone, should I be worried for the integrity of the batterys og is it just normal...
  12. kayakmtb

    Fast Charging Typhoon H batteries

    Hello All I am looking to get a better charger for my Typhoon H batteries, replacing the one that comes with the UAS. Yuneec UK sell this (a fast charger): Chargers and Batteries : Dual Battery Fast-Charge Station for Typhoon H However, I have seen other discussions that say that fast...
  13. M

    ST16 not charging

    I put ST16 on charge last night ready for my day off flying today. It was at 55% last night and its at 55% this morning. I have this morning tried 3 different USB leads, charging from the Yuneec charger, laptop and the powerful Anker power bank I use in the field, nothing charges the ST16. Any...
  14. kayakmtb

    Battery Landing Voltages vs Votlage Test readings

    Hello All I am new to the LiPo battery and the Typhoon H, so your wisdom would be gratfully recieved. After looking a wide range of threads, I generally aim to land my UAS at 14.7v (displayed on the ST16). With the exception of a low battery test. At present I am getting about 15mins flight...
  15. kayakmtb

    Battery or Charger Problems

    Hi All I am new to the Typhoon and I am concerned that I may have a battery problem. Nor am I an electrical engineer! So any help from those of you with far greater experience than me would be great. I have 3 batteries and after a flight a few days ago whenever I put them in the charger I...
  16. S

    Unsure when to charge // voltage fluctuating

    Hey gang, I'm out flying again for the first time in a while. Stock battery, full charge. I fell like it drained awfully quick... I was down to 14.7 in a matter of like 2 minutes. Probably 50-80ft up there, no crazy wind. I did tinker around like 10 minutes on the pad with some camera settings...
  17. SkyVidTek

    SOLD! Q500 Morpilot Flight Packs (2)

    These 6300mah 11.1v Flight packs for the Q500 have only 5 charge cycles on each and have always been put in "storage" mode with an advanced charger. They claim longer run times than the stock battery and I can verify that I was getting 2-3 minutes on average more per flight than the stock packs...
  18. jazzman81

    $94 Yuneec Typhoon H Battery (YUNTYH105) on Amazon

    I was looking for camera accessories for my TH and came across this deal on amazon. It's not sold by Yuneec directly so buyer beware (Sold by DISCOUNTED PRICES (NO TAXES)). However the order is fulfilled by Amazon so I'll be able to return the battery if I'm not happy with the quality. I'll be...

    Video - Do each of your batteries have the same # of charges?

    Your Typhoon battery is only rated for a certain number of charges before it no longer performs well. You'll know it's nearing the end of it's life cycle when your flight time gets shorter and shorter. If you have more than one battery, then it is best to ensure that each battery gets an equal...
  20. FilmIdol

    Just got my Q500 back with problems

    You may recall I bricked my Q500 4k when the firmware update stopped in the middle. I sent it into Yuneec, California, and about a month later, I received it back. When I start up the Q500, I get a blinking blue light. Ive tried several charged batteries, but get the same light. The ST10 also...