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Gps sensor error.

Nov 13, 2022
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I own a Q500 4K and I accidentaly unpluged my Gps senzor. I tried to plug it back in and I took it apart to do that. As I was puting it back together I did not pay enough attention to the wires and I put a screw right through them. I got Gps senzor error so I tried to solder the wires. It still wouldn`t work. So I bought a new Gps senzor. If I plug the new senzor in I get errors by the compass, pressure and Gps senzors. If I unplug it I only have the Pressure and Gps error, the compass works fine. Any good ideas how I could fix this problem?


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GPS is connected to CPU via UART (serial connection; yellow and white). Pressure sensor and compass are connected to I²C bus (orange and blue). If there is a problem on the I²C bus both chips are affected - seems to be tha case. I think there is a shortcut somewhere in wiring / connectors. Please make a visual check of all the parts, especially the pins inside the GPS module connector. Sometimes pins are bent. Pressure sensor is on the GPS module. Compass wiring is also a source of problems and needs to be checked.

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This little fellow looks burned, could that have anything to do with my problem?


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This little fellow looks burned, could that have anything to do with my problem?
Absolutely. That's the (+) power supply to the GPS board.
The SMD can be jumped with no apparent effect on the system. It looks like you may get away with removing the damaged component and soldering in a very small jumper. Ultimately, you need to have a path between the source at the lower red dot on this drawing and the connector. If you notice, you can see the trace in this drawing. The red dots are reasonably convenient solder points. As long as you connect one on each side of the damage.
OF course, these things don't often blow out without a good reason. It is always important for anyone with this sort of damage to find and correct the original problem. Especially looking for crushed wires between the mainboard and the GPS unit. In your particular case, you had already mentioned damage to the red and black GPS wires, and I believe you have already repaired them.
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This is another thread about the same SMD.
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Well that did it. I remowed the burned smd and soldered it together and got away with it, it's working again. Thank you guys, yo are great!!!😁😁😁
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This part is a ferrite core as inductance for interference suppression. Well, it can be replaced by a simple wire but it may increase interference susceptibility of compass and/or GPS. Keep this in mind...

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