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  1. P

    My 1st footage of Typhoon G

    Greetings from Helsinki, Finland :)
  2. Wingshooter

    Q5004k -vs- Typhoon H and the Camera Differences

    Does anybody know or have experience enough to list the differences between the two camera's from the Q5004k and the Typhoon H? Specifically the settings that can be manipulated during flight like ISO etc...... Are the video's better? Also are the actual pictures / video that noticeably better...
  3. 3

    Very short flight time with new batteries

    I purchaced my Q500 4K before the summer holidays. I've played around with it and gave it some really quick test flights in my backyard. After gaining confidence with the simulator i decided to do my first real flight in an open area a week ago. Sadly both stock batteries died after just 5...
  4. R

    Q500 Keeps Requiring Compass Calibration

    Hello, I recently crashed my Q500, using "smart" mode I ran into a tree. I have replaced the shell and everything looks good in the Q500 GUI. My problem is that each time I power on my Q500, I get a yellow/orange flash indication a compass issue. I have done pretty close to 100 compass...
  5. W

    q500 for sale

    Barely used q500 for sale camera included 300 and 3 batteries
  6. R

    Hello from Shelburne ON

    Greetings . I have been learning to fly R/C airplanes for a few years now and decided to UPgrade to drones and started with the Typhoon G so I have a lot to learn. This forum seems to have lots of useful information and I look forward to learning from you all. Ian
  7. V

    cgo3 vs cgo3-GB vs cgo3-GB+

    So I was looking at pricing for replacing my camera for my Q500 4K. I'm trying to figure out why the titles for these listings are different depending on where your looking (see above). I'm thinking the GB stands for gimbal but they all had the gimbal included and there were several that were...
  8. Flying-Potato

    2x Batteries - YUN500105 - Q500

    Hi, Im selling these brand new, never been used flight batteries for the Q500 - YUN500105. I have mistakenly purchased these batteries and It is still it its retail packaging. Current Cycles = 0 (Both Batteries) Current Voltage = 11.5v (Both Batteries) Price for one battery is $110.00 CAD I...
  9. ChuckBridges

    Hello From Lethbridge Alberta

    Relatively new to drones. I used to fly coptors. Recently purchased a Yuneec Q500 4k. I have been practicing with smaller indoor drones (DX2, Air Hogs Millennium Falcon) to get used to flying. The DX2 is freaky fast and hard to control but great fun. The Falcon is easier to fly and fun. Working...
  10. T


    Hi, I would like to introduce myself here with one of my drone video, recorded with Yuneec Q500 4K. I really hope I can find and meet here some Yuneec freaks and learn more about my machine, video recording tricks and so on. Video is called "MIST HUNTING". Hope you will like it :) Feedback...
  11. SkyVidTek

    SOLD! Q500 Morpilot Flight Packs (2)

    These 6300mah 11.1v Flight packs for the Q500 have only 5 charge cycles on each and have always been put in "storage" mode with an advanced charger. They claim longer run times than the stock battery and I can verify that I was getting 2-3 minutes on average more per flight than the stock packs...
  12. SkyVidTek

    SOLD! Q500 Prop Balancing Rod

    This is a prop balancing rod specifically for the props on the Yuneec Q500 series quads. It has LH and RH thread on opposite ends and can be used with different balancing systems. I found the Q500 props to be very well balanced from the factory, but a couple needed just a very small piece of...
  13. SkyVidTek

    SOLD!!! Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Complete System

    SOLD!!! Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Quad Copter System Complete kit includes the following: Q500 4K Typhoon Aircraft CGO3 3 axis 4K gimbal camera ST10+ Ground station with battery, charger & sunshade 2 Yuneec 5400mah flight batteries (white - 19 cycles, black - 6 cycles) CGO Steadygrip...
  14. S

    Yuneec Q500 4K Earplug gimbal modification test

    Link to video here Insane wind kickup happened immediately after take off (look at the trees). I did this modification to hopefully reduce the jello effect, and think it was seriously reduced, especially in the face of the 30mph gust that hit it immediately. The drone looked like it was MUCH...
  15. Wendell Sharpe

    Super Bummed - Q500 Took Off and Crashed

    Was enjoying a normal day of flying when climbing straight up, at about 60 ft over my head in angle mode, it took off sideways at full throttle. My first reaction was to let go of my altitude stick, (wasn't touching the right stick). No change. Next was full opposite direction on right stick...
  16. C

    Q500 motor and esc question NEED HELP

    Hi Everyone So i crashed my q500 bought a replacement chassis did the swap it was all good until i realized that the esc and the led's are specif it to each motor .. so if you haven't guessed already i have mismatched the motors and esc's i have everything soldered back up.. and tested...
  17. M

    Daya frame to Q500 4k

    Hello I had a fall last week (one of my props snap in the air) and the result was a motor that makes a strange noise. When I take the motor of I realise that the motor mount had many cracks. After that I check the rest motor mounts and 2 more were also broken. Now i'm thinking not just replacing...
  18. chrishg

    Drone video of airsoft game.

    First time using my drone to capture airsoft game play.