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  1. M

    Camera Gimbal Not Working and Gimbal Mount

    Hello! I have a Yuneec Q500 Typhoon and it has a CGO2GB Camera/Gimbal. When my Q500 is turned on the CGO2GB does not stabilize and does not function other than video. It has a green light but is making a beeping pattern of two slow and three fast beeps. I see no disconnected wires and am unsure...
  2. Y

    Red light and beeping sounds

    Hello, today i was trying to fly but the light go only red and the drone makes a beep sound . Is there any way i can fix this? I have a yuneec q500 and i cannot fly anymore ...
  3. M

    Cg02 wont stabalize

    good morning. My q500 with the cg02 won't stabilize. I'll attach video. Any idea?
  4. A

    How to run GUI in Win10

    I bought a new computer. Q500 GUI is not running. If run, it does not turn on and there is no response. What should I do?
  5. AlgebraMan

    3D Printed Propellers

    High All: I am getting into 3D printing and am curious if anyone has tried out 3D printer propellers. I have found battery holders for my Q500 4K but am looking for STL files for the gimbal guard & propellers. Thanks.
  6. H

    CGO3 Gimbal Problem

    I'll try to be thorough, but not ramble. Crashed the Q into a tree and it fell about 15 feet onto soft grass. No damage to the hull, just broken props, and the camera pulled loose from the shock mount. Below are the symptoms/characteristics I have now. 1. Hot shoe wires were pulled loose. I...
  7. Y

    Just bought a Q500 4k, any tips?

    Is there anything you wish you had known when you first got started flying this thing? (I have a ton of experience on DJI Phantom 3/4, Mavic Pro, Autel Evo, and FPV quadcopters, so I already know that practicing is very important. :)) Thanks, guys.
  8. J

    error code "entering 5 rotor mode" ?

    so I'm still pretty new to flying but I had one of my propellers broke. my drone fell into some water. I let everything dry for a long time and then decided to see if all works. by a miracle it did. after a minute an error read " error. entering five rotor mode". which confusing since its a...
  9. Hailey's Crazy Daddy

    For Sale CGO3 YUNEEC Q500 camera

    If anybody's interested in the camera it's located in Central Florida It comes with a set of four filters I'll let it go for $250 shipped only in the lower 48
  10. J

    Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Full Kit With Extras For Sale

    Looking to sell my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K kit that comes with the following: Hardshell Transport Case 4 Original Yuneec Batteries 2 Sets of Yuneec Props Handheld SteadyGrip Battery Charger Personal Ground Station with built-in touchscreen and of course the drone This is the whole package, I...
  11. M

    CGO 3 not tilting

    I took my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K for a fly yesterday for the first time. Everything works great. The only thing is camera was not tilting. When I was using the ST10 remote button for tilting, I could hear the beep from the remote but no tilting in the camera. I took off the camera and attached...
  12. M

    Q500 appears confused

    I just bought this Q500 about a month ago. I notice that sometimes when I instigate a 360 both clock and counter clock wise, that the Q500 will start rotating the correct direction but then start rotating the opposite direction. The few times that this has happened, the Q500 seems confused on...
  13. ATLienQ500

    Q500 4k Altitude Drops

    On 5/3/2018 at about 11:23 am ET I was hovering during a test of my Q500 4k. The plan was to fly through my 6 batteries since I hadn't flown the quad in several months. Flight location was Piedmont Park ... a place I often fly. I get there, calibrate the compass and then the accelerometer and...
  14. Brenakie

    Camera Tethering

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone had tried tethering their CGO3 camera mount? My thinking is in the unlikely event of a crash it won't totally break away and keep the wiring intact? I did crash a couple of times, once the camera did separate from the mount but was lucky that the wiring did...
  15. Brenakie

    Venom Pro Duo Charger Settings for the Q

    Hi all, Watched a few videos and read a few articles, the more I watched and read the more overloaded I got :confused: Looking for a little advice, wondering what your LiPo settings are? I'm running 2 different batteries: 1) 5400mAh/11.1V/59.9Wh 2) 6300mAh/11.1V/70Wh Right now I'm defaulted...
  16. Brenakie

    Indian River, FL Flyers

    Are there any Indian River/Treasure Coast drone flyers around the Vero area here? Wondering where the best places are to fly? Drones/planes are banned from most of the parks (if not all)... Staying away from the beaches for now, like to get a few more hours of flying under my belt. If anyone...
  17. J

    Canadian regulations coming.

    Hi I'm new to drones and just purchased a Q500. Just read about the coming Canadian drone regulations. I realize drones need regulating but it seems a little extreme to me. Any thoughts?
  18. B

    Q500 4k - 1080p/120?

    Hi all. I'm a "newer" drone user and have a DJI Mavic Pro, Q500 4k, and a Yuneec Breeze 4k. Anyway, while practicing with my q500, I noticed that my 1080p footage wasn't at 120fps, but rather 112.08 fps. I've looked just about everywhere I can to find a solution to this. Is this just the frame...
  19. Camshaft

    Skyview FPV Headset

    Hey guys, I ordered my Q500 bundle package from Beach Camera on Amazon and while setting up to use the Skyview I noticed the HDMI cable that was sent with it does not have a location on the ST10+ base controller. After reviewing some info I found on both Yuneecs website and other pages it...
  20. B

    Yuneec Q500 for sale

    Carrying case with wheels Extra Batteries Extra Blades charger Lightly used Drone is in excellent shape. i will post pictures if anyone is interested.