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  1. X6_Gorm

    Items for sale on eBay

    Hi guys getting out of the hobby for a little while. So selling some things on eBay. PM me if you have any questions, thanks. Itelite DBS Range Extender Antenna ITE-DBS01 - Yuneec Q500 Series or DJI Phantom Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ Quadcopter Drone Bundle with additional accessories. (Set of 3)...
  2. T

    Q500+ and FPV Googles?

    Hi....I found some googles that say it will work on my Yuneec Q500+ (....you can found them on this link: Alibaba Manufacturer Directory - Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers ) now to my question.....DOES it work?
  3. FilmIdol

    Brick'd Q500 when firmware update failed.

    I've had so many issues with my Yuneec and not being able to update the firmware or adjust settings through the GUI, and finally broke down and called the company. They were very helpful and efficient, and it took a little time to get to someone who knew more about my problem. On my 3rd...
  4. Exiting Russia

    Amazing Russian nature. The confluence of the Kama and Chusovaya rivers.

    The aerial video from the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k was captured with the default settings and corrections. Russian Federation. Perm Region. The confluence of the Kama and Chusovaya rivers.
  5. D

    Canada-BNIB Q500 4K +2 batt + alum case

    Hey Guys, I have 5 Q 500 4K with 2 batteries and the big aluminum case for sale. I also have 2 wizards available. All product is brand new in box. I'm a dealer and just have WAY too much stock and more on the way! I am selling these at my cost to get them out the door. This is even a better...
  6. Mike_Flys

    Hello all.

    Hi all. I'm Mike, In my drone hangar I currently have a Typhoon H, Typhoon Q500, a Phantom, and a Ethos Aries Q130. I have been flying/building/designing small unmanned aircraft (model aircraft) since the 70s. I have an FAA pilot certificate for Airplane Single Engine Sea & Land. I can fly...
  7. A

    Yuneec UK NFZ

    Anyone know where I can a list or map of the Yuneec No Fly Zones for the UK? The reason I ask, I've previous been able to take off on a site with my Q500+ that a friends DJI P3P wouldn't allow him too. Do they share the same NFZs?
  8. T

    Q500 Minor Crash - CGO3 Problem (PLEASE HELP!)

    I had a minor crash yesterday. Nothing broke except a prop. The gimble wires also became detached. I didn't think anything of it and merely plugged in the cord from the bird to the gimble that came with it when purchased. Everything fired up fine. The CGO3 calibrated perfectly. I took it back...
  9. chrishg

    Low Cost Alternative Camera Protector

    Because I am, to quote the wife, "cheap" I came up with an alternative to the more pricey carbon fiber camera protector. I purchased a pack of 2 polystyrene 7/16" tube for $3.86. After measuring, with my bad eye, I cut to length, cut a slot on each end that fits in the support tabs of the...
  10. F

    IMU sensor not found HELP!

    Hi guys, I just bought my first drone, a Q500 Standard from a local guy, the drone was in really bad conditions, the camera wasn't working, and one of the motors didn't respond, I managed to fix those issues (It was just bad wirings) but when I connect to the GUI it says that the IMU sensor...
  11. John K. Fitzgerald

    Yuneec Customer Service Issue......

    A little story about my experiance with Yuneec's customer service. The following is an email i sent to Yuneec after my patience had run it's course while waiting for the return of my Q. ....."Last November I purchased the Q500 4k , I did a lot of research as it was between this and the DJI...
  12. HeikkiH

    First edit and post

    Music is little too loud, but I'm satisfied with outcome. Hope you like too.
  13. Chris McMillan

    Can we use iPad with the "H"?

    Does anyone know if you can use an iPad (or any device) as a second controller - primarily video/photos - for the Typhoon H. I understand Yuneec are saying you can make use of an ST10, but I'm thinking you could use an iPad in the same way as, I believe, you can on the Q500's. Anyone got some...
  14. OregonDrone

    Pre-ordered the Typhoon H today

    The obstacle avoidance was the big selling point. Three different times I came too close to models I was shooting. A tree is one thing, a human is another. What I'm realizing is that you need to be close to things to get the feeling of motion. It's really hard to judge distance the further the...
  15. N

    awsome deal free q500 now broken :( please help

    guy took his q500 off gps and snapped off a motor arm so he ordered a new frame and was going to attempt to fix it and never did he bought the 4k instead so i was doing some work at his house and he gave me the q500 and parts to fix it minus the battery he kept that for his 4k so one week...
  16. R

    battery storage

    ok, I'm set with the storage for the battery out of my Q500... what about the ST10's battery... does that have to be set for some sort of storage voltage or is that battery fine the way it is... thanks,
  17. M

    Q500 in the news..

    Just read this on the KOMO News website from Seattle. The photo is the Q500 from the rear. Report cites 241 near collisions between pilots, drones