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  1. R

    Changing the RS unit on an H plus

    Is there anything I have to do after I have changed the Real Sense unit? Is there anybody that have some experience about that?
  2. R

    Typhoon H Pro with Realsense and Wizard wand (sold)

    I guess it's time. I have too many drones again so I'm selling one. Typhoon H Pro with realsense Wizard wand two batteries (year old alternated) controller with sunshield and neck strap 4 each A and B props 32 gig micro SD card Polar pro ND 4, 8 and 16 filters Never crashed, but tilted and...
  3. S

    3D mapping with realsense

    This may not be possible, but has anyone delved into the possibilities of the realsense technology? My concern here is, where does the 3D "map" that the software uses, go? Does it stay stored, for possible near future use, or does it just dump after the flight? I'm looking at using this for...
  4. ShawnIde

    Comparison - Yuneec Typhoon H vs The new H+ (Plus)

    Hey guys... I made a video on the physical differences between the Yuneec Typhoon H and New H+ (Plus)... What do you think?
  5. Eagle's Eye Video

    ** SOLD ** Typhoon H Pro Bundle

    FOR SALE Typhoon H Professional with RealSense... originally purchased October 2016. About 80-90 flight hours. Completely current with all firmware updates. Landing gear painted to increase visibility and aid in orientation. Lens upgraded to a PixAero 3.77 in February 2017. One serious crash in...
  6. N

    Realsense released, caused unexpected behavior

    Hey, I see a few posts on fly aways and I wanted to post this. I was flying in a corridor with trees to the left and the right. (realsense set to on and I was in manual mode) I flew the typhoon out to just over 100 feet away and turned the typhoon around to fly back to me. The typhoon became...
  7. S

    thyphoon H with realsense team mode fly

    I was not able to activate realsense in team mode. Following the manual I have to press central magic button and up arrow on wizzard but nothing happened. I tried to long press central button and short press the up arrow but nothing happened again. On ST16 THE OBS avoidance looks green but...
  8. T

    Mounting Lume Cubes on a Typhoon H

    Hi , this is my first post on here so forgive me if I am doing it all wrong I have a Typhoon H and want to mount two Lume cubes - there are brackets available for models without the real sense module but I need one that works with this fitted , can anybody help please? Thanks Tim
  9. B

    Weighing buying a Typhoon H with RealSense. Looking for help

    So right now I am in "need" of a new multi. I have an old gen 1 Phantom I am going to sell, and throw a few of those bucks at something new. I have it narrowed down to 2 options - Mavic or Typhoon H. So let me throw out the things I'm thinking about and the questions I have, and hopefully you...
  10. R

    RS TH Autonomously Follows Wizard at the Happy Valley Track

    With a bit of Wizard melody...
  11. C

    How to update H Pro RS with latest EU Firmware into latest US (Standard) Firmwarewa

    I am a newbie and bought my secondhand H pro RS a few days ago. I live in Europe, so I have the EU software. Now I want to update the controller and camera using the US software because of the extended range of the video connection. Any suggestion welcome!
  12. M

    Selling my H Pro RS

    Hi all, Well, for a while now I have being feeling more and more uncomfortable with the unwanted attention that my H regularly attracts and it has reached the stage where I am considering selling my H. It is a complete kit in a brand new (3 week old) Yuneec backpack. It comes with 4 Yuneec...
  13. S

    Want to Trade MY new ST16 controller for YOUR RealSense Module

    Hey everyone, I have recently bought a third Typhoon H and am in need of a RealSense Module. I am looking to trade a brand new, never used ST 16 for the Module. If anyone is interested please message me or post back here with any details! Thanks!!
  14. K

    RealSense Module for Typhoon H for sale

    Selling my Realsense Module for the H. I've only used it a couple times to see how it worked. It works well, but since I always fly manually and away from objects, I really have no need for it. It's just something else to break in the event I have a crash. Anyone interested can find it on...
  15. M

    is my H using ultrasonic or real-sense OA

    Evening all, How can I tell if real-sense is actually operating. I know there is an icon on the screen but short of flying it at a tree how can I tell??
  16. JulesTEO

    Installing and testing RealSense module on early Typhoon H

    Hello guys, I know there's already a lot of videos showing how the RealSense works, but there's not a lot about how to fit the RS module into a regular H; most videos come from models with the RS included so installation is overlooked. As usual I wanted to share my own experience with the H...
  17. S

    Lessons I learned the hard way

    Hi all I'm fairly new to drones, and much of what follows will reflect that. I'm sure the more experienced pilots here will read this and think "Yep, that's obvious." But maybe some of the other newcomers will learn from my experience. A few weeks ago I flew my THP for the first time. The...
  18. T

    Intel RealSense Module Addition Specs

    Ok I'm interested in purchasing the RS Module for my H but 1st I wanted to see if anyone was able to answer a few of my questions. First does anyone know what the weight of the entire RS Module is in Grams (Only the RS Module). 2nd what all gets removed from the H when Installing the RS & approx...
  19. T

    Need Help locating upgrades cuz in a Time Crunch.….

    Hi everyone each year I go to Arizona over Thanksgiving cuz family their. But this year I'm scheduled to leave on the 16th to fly down & I'm really wanting to be able to find the new Itelite DBS05.6B before then so I can have time to set it all up & possibly try it before leaving & taking it...
  20. Vertigo Drones

    New From Vertigo Drones - Typhoon H Blade Guards, CGO3+ Service and more

    New Parts/Accessories Tool for removing lampshade from Typhoon H motor LED Lampshade - In Stock Yuneec Typhoon H Motor Lampshade Puller Tool Typhoon H Blade Guards - In Stock Yuneec Typhoon H Propeller Protectors - Blade Guards Typhoon H RealSense Bolt-On Module - Shipping October 28th...