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sd card

  1. dronefisher

    What Happens If The SD Card Is Too Big?

    I recently bought a used Q500 -- my first Yuneec -- off Facebook marketplace. The guy said it was too complicated for him to calibrate and maintain, so it had been sitting for years in the box... Already love this beast. I have several questions that I appreciate any input on, given that this Q...
  2. N


    Hi all, I am new to the drone world, and have recently (well 6 months ago) bought a Yuneec Typhoon H Plus. I have had nothing but trouble. I have not ever been able to update the firmware, all I get is update failed. I then had trouble with an error message on the charger. This went on for...
  3. Eagle's Eye Video

    Compatible Micro SD Cards for the Typhoon H+ C23 Camera

    So the purpose of this thread is to provide a concise singular location of what brands/models of microSD cards that are compatible with the C23 Sony camera that comes with the Plus. Please do not post cards that do not work, as this helps no one searching for what card to purchase to use with...
  4. Sully53

    How many SD cards do you carry with you?

    This question is for the pilots that use their drones for work. How many SD cards do you carry on you?
  5. A

    Problems with video format on Windows 7(Not codec issue)

    Using Kingston micro sd card and different video players ie VLC most of the mp4s cannot play from the sd card. Sometimes they play sometimes they dont. I use different sd cards and tried to reformat etc. What could be causing this ?
  6. toothandnail

    Is this an SD card problem?

    Write speed too slow? Video set at 1080, card is 16G , U 3, outside temp is 17* It's not nearly as jumpy uploaded to youtube, it's really jumpy froward/back on my PC. No other videos have done this.
  7. Santa

    SD Card Capacity

    Does anyone know what the maximum size micro-SD card (GB) that the Typhoon H Pro will handle? I see cards from 16GB to 256 GB available but didn't find any specs for the drone or camera or controller that show a min/max for SD card.
  8. yosemite41

    Video Recording Files

    After recording a 22 min 4k video on the SD card, then uploading to my computer I found 5 files 4 at 5min each then 1 at 2 min. How can I change this to 1 file 22 min long? Sorry for the dumb question but I just got my typhoon h about 1 month ago. Thanks.
  9. I

    SD card CGO3 problems

    I am getting intermittent corrupt video files using any size and class SD card. I have formatted to FAT32 and used different sizes for the 16gig they sent to 64gig. It can happen at any time. Trying to do a simple hoover or high speed maneuvers. sometime I get great video sometimes and sometimes...
  10. Y

    Something wrong with SD card / ST16

    Hello dear Forum, Every time, after my (so far) successfull flights, I put the SD card into the ST16 slot to review my recorded footage. Now recently, i started having major issues with the video content. While reviewing videos, i suddenly started seeing somehow crazy images that look like the...
  11. Merlin

    SD card vs Internal memory

    How can I save the ST16 telemetry to the SD card rather than internal memory? I've trawled through the settings and manual can can't find anyway to change to the SD card.
  12. NoCoOutdoorGuys

    Mac users: Can't delete files from SD card

    So, my SD card is filling up and when I put it in my MacBook Pro I can't get delete the files. In my quest for an answer I see ally of info about formatting your SD cards in the camera you intend to use it in to avoid corruption of the card. Problem is you can't to my knowledge reformat the...
  13. Jared

    Typhoon H camera timestamp

    I've noticed the timestamp on pictures and video written to the SD card in the CGO3+ have the right date, but the time is off by several hours. I've looked for somewhere to adjust the time/date on the H but I'm not seeing it. Any ideas???
  14. Chris McMillan

    Read your pre flight check list

    Yes, read it, but do that before you leave the house. Don't wait until half an hour later, when you're 30 metres up, looking at grabbing some really great shots of the beach, only to be advised by the ST16 that it won't record, because you forgot to take the SD card out of your computer and re...