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  1. T

    St10+ Controller Is Dead

    Hello everyone. I think my ST10+ is dead as I killed it. Is there any way to bring it back to life? When plugged to USB on laptop and I push button inside headphones jack there's no connection between laptop and st10+. Now when I turn st10+ on, there's red light on showing that remote is on but...
  2. S


    Hello, I have a Chroma CGO2 that appears to have a faulty ST10+ controller, all stick functions appears normal on the test screen, but when connected to the Chroma, stick inputs to neutral do not transmit neutral to the drone. I've installed the lastest firmware on the ST10+, st10+v01b30c, with...
  3. HRC

    ST-10+ and DJI Mavic Mini

    Hello, I own a Typhoon q500 4k drone with a st10+ remote. My neighbour has recently purchased a DJI Mavic Mini. Will the two remotes interfere with each other if we both flew at the same time? Thanks
  4. WTFDproject

    Binding Verification - ST10+ / Chroma

    There is guidance already available that describes the routine binding of the ST10+ to the Blade Chroma. A routine binding is much easier to perform, and is more appropriate if you are not having problems. The purpose of this "Binding Verification" is to address abnormal conditions that are...
  5. R

    ST10+ broken

    the ST10 + display, it burned, how to change the display only?
  6. D

    Blue camera screen on St10+

    Hi looking for help. My radio controller St10+ Is showing a blue screen. It's saying it is unable to connect to the camera. I have rebinde the camera and it said connection established. I have the cable with earphone socket that splits to connect to the camera and to the gimble the little white...
  7. S

    Brand new ST10+ for sale

    I crashed my Typhoon 4K and purchased a new one. I decided to keep my original controller and sell the new one. I am keeping the sun screen. I will take $100
  8. I

    Need help with ST10+

    Hello! I started get message on my ST10+ every few minutes "Low on space" so i googled and found that factory reset helped someone. So i reset factory settings. Downloaded newest St10+ update and after that i try to turn on st10+ it is stuck on Yuneec logo and i cant do nothing. Can someone help me?
  9. J

    New Unused ST10+ Transmitter for Sale

    I had to return my Chroma drone a few times, and somehow ended up with a completely unused ST10+ transmitter! I've since bought a Typhoon H, so have no real use for the ST10+, so thought I might post it for sale in case someone else needs a new one ... Feel free to contact me with any...
  10. V

    Is the ST10+ backwards compatible with...

    Q500, Q500+? What are the differences between the ST10 and ST10+?
  11. KLondo

    Total Newbie..

    Just bought the Typhoon Q500 4K today and was looking to update to craft and controller but there are no instructions on how to do so. Got the craft figured out but for the life of me I have no clue to connect the ST10+ to my computer to update that.I used the USB charger cord but laptop didn't...
  12. Breki

    ST10+ RF File

    Hi all! Just out of curiosity. Assuming one were to factory reset the entire ST10+ and reload the firmware and apps onto it; where would you get the ST file? The latest update only seems to include a TX file.
  13. K

    ST10+ Blank Screen

    Just unpacked my Typhoon G that I bought last September (long story but moved to France and have only just found the time! - Moving house, new business setup etc etc) The controller powers up and I hear the boot sound but the screen remains blank (white screen). It seems that the controller is...
  14. D

    Signal interruption at less than 200 feet

    I got my Q500+ from DronePros thru Amazon @ the first week in April. I have had my ST10+ lose signal and video when I flew her from my house at the top of a cul de sac to the entry, no more than 200 feet away. The screen goes black and the pop up on the screen is the same as when I initialize...
  15. I

    detailed manual

    I've just purchased a typhoon g and would like to find a detailed manual that goes into details on the transmitter ground station controls, etc.
  16. D

    Binding the Q500+

    Hello all. This is a request from a total newbie, so new in fact we haven't managed to get the thing off the ground yet. My friend and I are both photographers and thought the Q500+ would be a good addition to our kit so when one of our friends was returning to the States he offered to sell us...