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  1. A

    GoPro Camera Vibration Noise on Typhoon G

    Hi guys, I'm new to this drone flying business and was lucky enough to win the TYPHOON G at a work function. However, I find there is a lot of vibration noise on the raw footage (See Video) taken with my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. Is this normal? Plus I'm wondering if Yuneec have stopped...
  2. doraemmoonn

    my Breeze for warranty replacement now come back

    my first time fly Breeze in outdoor. when I take off then start to drifting off after hit the fence. the one motor broke and come out. propellers and body also damage. so I send to Hong Kong Yuneec HK service center for repair. about one week I receive my Breeze. they replacement the motor...
  3. J


    I was putting my Typhoon H in its box after fly when I saw this (See the loose cable in the picture). Should I worry about it? I made some tests and everyting was good, camera, landing gear, gimball and flying ok, but I still afraid about that. Please help me!!
  4. Willyib

    New to forum, old to rc aircraft

    Hey gang, What a great sport huh? This is my second drone and absolutely the best. The Typhoon H with Realsense is amazing and it's going to be tons of fun! I have been flying radio controlled for 30 years and am also a home built pilot. My first helicopter (Sport 500) was a disaster and I had...
  5. T


    Hi, I would like to introduce myself here with one of my drone video, recorded with Yuneec Q500 4K. I really hope I can find and meet here some Yuneec freaks and learn more about my machine, video recording tricks and so on. Video is called "MIST HUNTING". Hope you will like it :) Feedback...
  6. Chris McMillan

    Yuneec version of Healthydrones

    Like a few of you out there, I regularly watch Simon Newton's 'On the kitchen table' and recently became aware of a service called Healthydrones. It looked interesting so I visited the site only to find out it doesn't support Yuneec products. Is anyone out there using a similar service, and what...

    Has anyone entered the Yuneec Typhoon H video contest?

    Many of us have taken some great video... Has anyone entered the ultimate $5000 Typhoon H video contest? Quadcopters & Aerial Drones - Yuneec I posted some footage taken in the Fall of low cloud cover (clip below). If anyone else has entered, post your video.
  8. D

    The Breeze and I (Continued)

    So now the story moves on to the second flights. As I reported in the first saga the day after promised to be just as good, and it was. Now that;s somethig of a record for us here on the Isle of Man, but the forecasters didn't tell us porkies this time. Blue sky and now a cloud in sight and no...
  9. -=Falcon=-

    Hi From A New Typhoon H Owner On The West Coast of Canada

    I just made my first post a moment ago in the Typhoon H forum. I'm proud to say I'm a new owner. What a decision process it's been but thanks to BestBuy this morning it finally broke the stalemate. I was also extremely tired of reading all the lengthy reviews and serious attempts at discrediting...
  10. JulesTEO

    Afternoon fun with the Typhoon H

    So I'm starting to get a bit more confident (yet cautious courtesy of my 2 crashes) with the Typhoon H, I received my 2 new batteries a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't until today that I went out and flew the 3 batteries. I wasn't looking to get any "cool" footage (except at the end with a...
  11. D

    Yuneec should reduce Breeze price to 350$ US.

    The breeze appeared on the market a couple of months before the Karma and the Mavic at 500. It seemed reasonable at the time but with the Karma starting at $ 799 and the Mavic at $ 999 the Breeze is not competitive at $ 500. What do you guys think? I see at least 4 of them on the shelf of my...
  12. S

    Yuneec Q500 4K Earplug gimbal modification test

    Link to video here Insane wind kickup happened immediately after take off (look at the trees). I did this modification to hopefully reduce the jello effect, and think it was seriously reduced, especially in the face of the 30mph gust that hit it immediately. The drone looked like it was MUCH...
  13. C

    CGO3 Camera and steady grip for sale

    Looking to sell a CGO3 camera in perfect working order $350.00 OBO I'll throw in the steady grip for an extra $25.00
  14. M

    Selling New Typhoon H

    Currently residing in Ventura County, CA 93063 I purchased this Typhoon H Monday and was delivered to my home Wednesday. After updating the firmware and flying it to make sure everything was OK with it I decided that I wanted to upgrade to the Realsense model. Imgur: The most awesome images on...
  15. SherwoodSkycams @moobit

    Gimbal points sideways when forward camera lock switched on?

    Hi all. :) I'm having a problem with my camera Gimbal after a fly-away the other day caused my H to crash into a fence (I see some of you have had similar issues with fly-aways since the last software update too! :( Anywhoo - When I flick the top left switch from G to F to lock it forward...
  16. Y

    Yuneec Typhoon H Follows a Boat!!!

    Footage of the Yuneec Typhoon H overlooking NYC, Ellis Island & The Statue of Liberty. The boat is a 34' Chaparral 337 SSX Please let me know what you guys think of it. Tips and Suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. bayport

    New camera - CGOET is coming soon... RGB low light & infrared cam

    Looks like Yuneec is also taking care about the industrial sector, the specifications and first impressions shown on the IFA in Germany are looking good so far. Hopefully the quality/capability is at least as fine as promised. Various applications are possible with this kind of equipment - solar...
  18. clackey

    New YuneecPilots.com Breeze Forum

    We created this new subforum for the breeze. If you aren't familiar with the announcement, check it out at... The compact Yuneec Breeze drone is built for 4K selfies
  19. KBflyer

    Breeze promo video released by Yuneec

  20. T

    Yuneec Breeze - Today's announcement

    So the announcement today looks to be for the Yuneec Breeze - a compact 'selfie drone' controlled from your mobile. Users of the H might recognise the Orbit, Journey and Follow Me modes from the ST-16 - with IPS and GPS this seems to be as autonomous as possible. Camera is built in, 4K...