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12 Reasons to Consider the Yuneec Typhoon H

Discussion in 'Typhoon H Discussion' started by RBC, Jul 30, 2016.

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    Apr 23, 2016
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    I came across this article written by a travel photographer about the time Yuneec first announced the Typhoon H. While we all know the hard shell backpack was discontinued and the base H only ships with one battery, I feel the rest of the facts are still very much relevant. By the way, I am now an H Pro owner after having had owned the H for a few months. I really like both but like the H Pro even better as I wanted the additional benefit that RealSense provides. I had a Phantom 4 for a week before returning it to the Apple Store when I found out about the Typhoon H. The Phantom 4 was a great quad except for the difficult firmware updating and poor tech support. However, I really liked that the H being a hexacopter could land on 5 motors in the event of breaking a prop, a landing gear that could be raised, and a 360 degree gimbal and camera.

    12 Reasons to Consider the Yuneec Typhoon H (And NOT a DJI drone!)
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