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An interesting discovery... Hobbyists who registered

May 1, 2016
N. California
You missed one, a sliding scale tax on Social Security income based on other income.

From the philosophical side of things, government is funded by the people to handle many of the things on the earlier list. Aside from graft and greed there is no reason to create new taxes, something done almost daily, to provide additional money to handle what government is already paid to do. Government is not a for profit business, nor was our government established as a means for the wealthy to obtain more wealth.

As registration did nothing to assure compliance with aviation laws there was no valid reason to register model aircraft. It’s not the $5.00. The amount is trivial. It’s about the principle. When laws are not enforced there is no reason for the law, therefore no reason to comply.

Digging a bit deeper, the FAA Reauthorization Act did not include “fee for service” privatization of ATC services for full scale aircraft but no provisions were made to do the same for unmanned aircraft. The path the system is taking most certainly is privatizing the system for unmanned aircraft. As we had no representation the situation is in effect taxation without representation. We might also be able to claim aviation laws are being crested in violation of the law as there have been zero NPRM’s issued prior to incorporation of new laws since Part 107 was created. They’ve bypassed the legal process by lumping aviation bills into defense spending laws with 339 being lumped into the FAA Reauthorization Act. The law is supposed to be applicable to all, equally, not just a select subset of the population. When the rich and/or law makers and/or law enforcers fail to obey the law, why should the general population be expected to obey or respect the law? That’s not how a Democracy or Republic works, it’s Authoritarianism.
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