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Another Third Party Battery Idea

May 24, 2016
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Shining a torch inside the battery compartment of H, it has occurred to me that it may be possible to use a suitable third party battery with say a XT60 connector, then solder a positive & negative leads to the back of the original yuneec connector then route them towards the battery exit hole you could then solder a male XT60 connector, which could tuck out the way when not required when using the original battery, this way you have got the best of both worlds without disabling the original connector, the only thing it would require double sided velcro to retain the third party battery into the body

This is what I done to a dji phantom so I could retain and use DJI smart batterys that I already owned, and still use cheaper third party battery's that just had XT60 connectors fitted to them, and this worked extremely well and was a cheap mod.

To those that may have already taken their H apart would know if this was feasible option, I also noted that the balance connections on the yuneec connector don't appear make any contact with the yuneec battery once inserted.

Any thoughts on this idea !

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