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Apr 21, 2022
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Hello, I write to you from France and I use GOOGLE because my English is not correct, thank you for your understanding. I have a problem with my H520 and my E90 camera. First the pairing does not seem to me to be done in the right conditions, then after a few minutes the camera panics and hangs askew and it no longer moves. I have done several calibrations and the incident repeats itself. I am very bored for my future job. Thanks for your help.
Malheureusement, ce problème ne pourra probablement pas être résolu à la maison.
La plupart de ces événements sont causés soit par des aimants de capteur dégradés, soit par des câbles-rubans dégradés.
Si des codes se font entendre, décrivez-les ou enregistrez-les.
Il est également possible qu'une mise à jour du micrologiciel puisse aider, mais cela serait très rare.

Unfortunately, this problem will probably not be solved at home.
Most of these events are caused by either degraded sensor magnets or degraded ribbon cables.
If codes are heard, describe them or record them.
It is also possible that a firmware update could help, but this would be very rare.
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I am writing to you from France and my English is not great.
I have a similar problem with my cgo3+ camera and a typhoon H RS pro and where the camera does pretty much what it wants. It is a priori the encoder of the yaw motor, or the brushless which is damaged, but it is not excluded that the program of dialogue with the drone is defective.
This happened after an little unfortunate crash.
Only a specialist can diagnose the exact problem.
A good contact: Steeve Lebon from First drone near Paris (0630142624), who should be able to help you.

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