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Can the ST16 controller be used for other multi-rotors?

Jul 5, 2016
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If I buy a H and at some point in the future be it no parts or I just destroy it some how, can I use the controller for something else?
Do they sell receivers for it?
Is it compatible with other systems?
Can it view video from other FPV systems?
Is it programmable like other controllers?
I would really like to use it with other aircraft.
I believe you can only use the ST16 with the H or the Q500. Most controllers are only useable for the aircraft they were designed for.
I think the problem is the receiver, if they sold it as a extra the answer it would be yes, but they don't , so no.
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I have used the ST24 for my Tornado with the Typhoon H. The ST24 only has a model for the Tornado but still flew the H perfectly fine. Im guessing this is because they are both 6 proped machines. I haven't tried the ST16 with the Q500 but i would just try binding it, even with the H as the model number, and see if you get a connection.
So no way to add models in and program the switches or channels?
That is really too bad with such a nice controller.
So no way to add models in and program the switches or channels?
That is really too bad with such a nice controller.

Im really not to sure, i know you can most likely bind the CGO3 from your Q500 to the ST16, but as far as adding a model for the Q500 im not sure. Ill go check it out on my own.
I tried this yesterday, The CGO3 would connect but the video was going in and out and there were green squares flashing all over then it lost feed and the Q500 never did bind.
As my other post, I have used the st16 with my q5004k but I am getting artifacts on the st16 screen. Everything else functions fine. Has anyone figured how to get rid of the artifacts? Can we change the resolution on the st16 screen since it is different from the st10+ screen?
Bump. Did this go anywhere? I know it's an old thread. Still interested in discovering any other uses for the ST16+ controller.
The ST16 will only bind to Yuneec products. I am unaware of any successful hacks to make it work with any other brand.

It will bind to the Q500. Simply create a new H model and name it Q500. It will bind and fly as normal but the camera tilt may or may not work. When I tested it the camera tilt worked. The screen will look terrible. The CGO3 camera has a 480p video signal and the CGO3+ has a 720p signal. You can see the image but it is very pixelated.
Does anyone know how to bind them whith out yuneec controller? I have a second hand ST16 and a sr12s receiver , It doesn't recognize my receiver when i tried bind in the st16 with my sr12s on and blue led flashes.17399

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