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CGO2+ Brass counter weight

Apr 30, 2016
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Southwest United States
I recently had a brass counter weight come loose from inside the camera.
Does anyone know where it goes ?
There's a circuit board on the back wall of the camera so I don't see how it can go there.
Any thoughts are much appreciated.


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Hi and thanks for the reply.
Yes, it's a crack from about a three foot fall.
When I shook the camera I could here the rattle inside.
When I took the cover off, the brass weight came out from behind the camera someplace.I'm guessing anyway. I've searched for pics of the camera more disassembled than where I'm at but haven't found much.
I guess I'll proceed and continue to see if I can find a seat it goes in. Interestingly enough, there was no signs of glue or stick'em of any kind on the weight.
If it is for the camera, it must have a slot to slide in tightly if no adhesive is found, usually counter weights are in the rear of objects for balancing, I'd try taking the 4 screws out of the camera circuit board and look behind there and see if you have any luck, or you can call Yuneec USA (if that is the manufacturer) customer service and ask for tech support and they can most likely tell you as they repair always
I took the camera apart this morning and sure enough it's on the back wall.There are actually two of them.
It all went back together well but of course...now I have about a second and a half lag in video.The antenna is in the correct position.
I'll try reloading the firmware but I'll bet it is what it is now and the lag will be yet another thing to deal with.
Happy Flying


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Glad they were in the back, they usually are to balance the counter weight of the heavy camera lens being in the front, Hope you get the lag ironed out!

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