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Couple of Vids from Last weekend

Very nice, but Iwould like to offer some constructive feedback as well.

Try to avoid non-continuous camera movement. In other words, don't fly in one direction, stop, pan the camera, and then take off in another direction, or start a segment with the camera stationary and then begin movement a second later. It makes sense that you would capture your material this way, but you should eliminate what are essentially camera setups during post. If you don't, the video looks somewhat random and unplanned.
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Thank you for sharing. I think that is the beauty of post. Breaking it into smaller parts then putting it togeather. Fly safe.
Thanks for posting more please.
Had some fun last weekend visiting 2 castles (Appleby and high head) in one day then camping overnight at high head castle. Had a fly at both (with owners permission) and enjoyed myself immensely.

1st is Appleby Castle:

Then it was over to High Head Castle:

Very nice videos! Can't wait to take the H on vacation with me.
Dang... I wish I had castles around me. Love it
Arent you in the Houston area? There is a castle in the Bellville area. Its not historic as these but im thinking of asking them if i can come and take some aerial video and pictures.

Bill W.
Very nice work. I bet the results could be even better if you use photos with gps data rather than images from vid.
Very nicely done.

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