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Dji Phantom Pilot

Sep 17, 2015
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flew my first q500 yesterday and boy was I impressed I have many questions before I get one. Do you have to calibrate compass before you fly in new location? With Phantom you have to do what's known as the compass dance each time you are in new locations? Also are there any former Phantom pilots that made the switch if so what are your thoughts
I calibrated the first time, flew many times packed up the bird went to St. Kitts and back and never calibrated again.
I have heard of others that calibrate more frequently, but if I turn on power and grab 15+ satellites other than my other pre-flight checks...take off.
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I concur with. Icon Aerial Media. I've calibrated more than I'm sure I needed to, but as of late I too pack it up and get to my destination to find I have satellites galore and get airborne straight away. Only once did I have a signal issue due to metal buildings surrounding me but even then once I moved away, it locked in without doing the dance.
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I usually only recalibrate my Phantom if I travel at least 100 miles from the last location it was calibrated. I would assume that method will work just as well with the Yuneec.
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