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Do you identity tag your drones in case of loss?

Apr 4, 2016
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Ottawa, Canada
In Canada, as of now, we don't have to place any identity markings on our recreational drones, nor do we have to register them. However, if one of mine lands in the woods or in some location where I can't retrieve it, I'd like someone to call me should it be found.... I think that's a good idea, or I could be wrong. For this reason I place a contact phone number on all of my drones (I've blocked out part of the number in the attached photo).

Does anyone else do something similar if not mandated to do so?

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Yes Capt. Both my Phantoms have my mobile number on them. I haven't got around to putting it on the H yet but I will do
In Ireland after compulsory registration of SUA's over 1kg, we are sent out a once use secure sticker with a tail number printed on it...the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) then has a "report lost & found drones" section on it's website..
I bought some decals from a site tag my drone, it has my faa # and a link you can access in case my drone is lost and when found you can contact me through them, my main way of retrevial is a Marco-polo r/c locater tag,2 mile range,several week battery life and no monthly fees.
I had these made via a seller from eBay, I've use to make stickers for marking my tools and equipment.

Have/Had one of the quad, controller, case etcDrone tag.jpg
I put a return address label on all my quads.. And I include REWARD, phone number and FAA number

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